London Calling | Gucci Resort 2017

June 6, 2016

Chic accessories at Gucci Resort 2017 via Elle

Punk rock meets tea time chic at Westminster Abbey.

London may not scream "resort destination" but the fashion in-crowd begs to differ. Not one, but two fashion houses—Dior and Gucci—showed their resort 2017 collections in the land of the Queen. I'm sure you saw the festivities unfold on Instagram and Snapchat, as resort presentations for the big fashion houses are now just an excuse for fashionistas to go on vacations around the world and be entertained with glamorous train rides, samba lessons, and convertible cruises through Cuba. Ah, it must be a fun life. But let's not let the cool activities detract from the main event: the clothes.

As you know, Gucci is the shit right now. Seriously, Alessandro Michele is killing the game and you'd have to be living under a rock not to know that. In a world of Yeezy athleisure and minimalism, Michele has revived the beauty of maximalism, drama, and artful dressing. In his eyes, there's no such thing as too many prints or patterns. Wear all your jewelry at once, he begs! Rock a sweater with a cat on it! Go on, pair those clunky shoes with doily ankle socks and yeah, while you're at it, wear those lace gloves your great-grandmother left for you. Wear it all! Nothing is too kooky, too extravagant, and the best part is, Gucci makes everything (which should look utterly insane) look cool.

The finale walk at Gucci Resort 2017 via Harper's Bazaar
For Resort 2017, the Gucci gang took inspiration from its locale and combined the iconic historical styles of England with the standard Gucci quirkiness. Union Jacks and tartans were paired with Grey Gardens headscarves and ladylike purses; medieval tapestries with girly ruffles and bold colors. Gucci has become all about the delicate balance of opposites, showing that when done correctly, you can mix even the most unusual styles together.

Many of these clothes will stun outside of Fashion Week shows and beyond. The show was packed with the most stylish members of the It-crowd, from fashion darling Elle Fanning to rapper ASAP Rocky, who are sure to rock these looks in the coming months.

For those of us who can't dress ourselves in head-to-toe Gucci (a damn shame, really) there are plenty of statement accessories to choose from, from customizeable Dionysus bags to crazy shoes and decadent jewelry. In the end, Gucci is about a state of mind as much as it is a label, so embrace your inner vintage punk and get to print mixing!

See my favorite looks from the collection:

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  1. This colorful collection is amazing.

    1. Totally agreed, Nina! Gucci has just been so on-point lately. Thanks for reading!


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