June Wish List

June 1, 2016

Frame Denim T-shirt | Gucci skirt | RAYE sandals | Eugenia Kim hat | Vanessa Mooney choker | Marysia bikini | Chloé purse
I'm just gonna be honest and say I would wear this whole outfit, head to toe, in a heartbeat. Maybe I'd switch out the brown Faye purse for a black one, but tbh I am quite proud of myself with this creation. So let's go over what I'm wishing for this June:

First up, graphic tees. They've been around since rock concerts were a thing, and lately I've been thinking of so many cute outfit opportunities starring a graphic tee, but yours truly needs a slightly more sophisticated style than a raggy Rolling Stones tee! Enter the perfect shirt from Frame featuring a minimalist design and the vacation destination of Upper East Siders in need of a tan.  Yup, that's a perfect look for the Fashion Barbie!

Gucci has been killing it with the kooky embroidery game lately (did you hear you can now customize your monogram purse? so cute!) and I am oooobbb-sessed with this flora and fauna style denim mini skirt. Can you guys believe, ten years after 2006 (aka peak denim mini skirt time) we are back here and, after years of feeling embarrassed for my 2006 self for wearing Abercrombie mini skirts, I'm actually kind of digging this style again? I promise it's not just because the skirt's Gucci! I like that the 2016 Denim Mini is more A-line in shape, it's a bit more sophisticated and flattering. Anyways, I want this skirt.

Because it's officially summertime, I could always use a cute swimsuit, and it-label Marysia has an adorable red bikini. Although I can't help but wonder if the scalloping would lead to funky tan lines. Another reason to wear lots of sunscreen!

In the accessories department, flatform sandals have been trending and I love this particular pair from RAYE. Supposedly they don't provide the best foot support, but I'm like 99% sure they're better for your feet than 5-inch heels, so there's that.

Straw boater hats like this Eugenia Kim one are très cute and have a French Riviera vibe to them. If you're looking for a cheaper option, Nordstrom and Nasty Gal have more affordable options.

Even Taylor Swift is hopping on the choker bandwagon, and I might have to as well. I love Vanessa Mooney's designs, they're a great price and have cute little pendants on them! You can always DIY a choker with some black string (I found a pretty velvet ribbon from an old Chanel gift box and cut it for perfect choker length, and I can either wear the plain black side or the logo side for a 90s logomania style!) but if you want to buy one, that works too!

And this month in beautiful handbags that are out of my price range: the Chloé Faye is an It Bag I can get behind. The shape is classic and the colors are versatile, with just enough of a cool detail for the bag to be interesting and not boring. It would be a perfect work bag, too! A girl can dream of starting a cool fashion job with her cool fashion bag, right?

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What's on your June wish list? Let me know in the comments!


  1. OMG I love everything on this wish list babe!!! That skirt is a DEFINITE must have, and I'm still obsessed with those Chloe bags! Love, love, love! Xx


    1. Give me all the embroidered denim tbh. And yes, I feel like the Chloé Faye is on its way to becoming a classic. Glad you enjoyed, Emma!

  2. Totally swooning over that Chloe bag!!! One day....heheh


    1. OMG same! It's good to have fashionable goals to work towards!

  3. Want it all!

    xx, Polina



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