Bad Hair Day Fix — The Half-Bun

May 11, 2015

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We've all been there: you wake up late with no time to shower and the sudden realization that today is just not the day for your hair. Or, you know, you're just too lazy to style it for a half-hour. No matter what the scenario is, we've all had days when we just don't want to deal with our hair.

So what's a girl to do? One of my favorite trendy solutions as of late? The half-bun

It's exactly what it sounds like; you take half of your hair and tie it up in a tiny bun. The half-bun is the perfect fix for a bad hair day because it works best with some second-day hair texture. Usually I just spray some dry shampoo on the roots to get a little tousle going and twist the top section of my hair into a tiny bun. Like so:

Me, rockin' the half-bun
Depending on your hair length and what you're going for, feel free to place the bun as high or low on your head as you want. If it's lower, I'd keep your natural part visible. If you want a top-knot look, brush straight back.

Here's some more half-bun inspiration to get you through your next bad hair day! 

Clockwise from top left: Love Blair via Byrdie | Treasures and Travels | WhoWhatWear | Frida via Byrdie 
Kate Mara rocking the half-bun via popsugar
Nasty Gal has a great tutorial on how to get the perfect baby bun
Perfectly undone via Nasty Gal
Margot Robbie in a sleek half-updo via Byrdie

What do you think of the half-bun? 

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