Trending - Skinny Scarves

May 29, 2015

Elin Kling via Le Fashion
Among fashion trends that men just don't understand (aka the whole reason Leandra Medine coined the term "man repeller") is the concept of wearing a scarf in summer. But boys are stupid and don't understand anything about fashion, so screw their ideas on what trends are cool and just do you! Scarves don't really do much to keep your neck warm, especially thin cotton scarves that are perfect for brisk summer evenings or picnics in the park.

If you are looking for a variation on the summer scarf, may I suggest the skinny scarf? Made popular on the Saint Laurent Spring 2015 runway, the skinny scarf is 2015's version of the tie-wearing girl, only way cooler (remember when Avril Lavigne made that a thing?)

Charlotte Hellberg of Chaloth | Celine Aagaard via WhoWhatWear | Saint Laurent Spring 2015 | Alexa Chung via Harper's Bazaar

Will you be wearing the skinny scarf trend this summer?


  1. I always have issues finding the right scarves.
    However, this looks cute!

    1. Scarves can be tricky, but the skinny scarf is so simple and not overwhelming; I think it would look good on anyone! Plus, it can be worn with a variety of styles and looks.

      Thanks for reading, Larissa!


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