My Urban Outfitters Picks

May 28, 2015

Kimchi Blue Lagoon High Neck Sun Dress from Urban Outfitters
Many of my friends are surprised when I say that a lot of my clothes come from Urban Outfitters. After all, the eclectic, festival-ready clothing store may not immediately remind one of my more polished style. And yet, I've managed to find some pretty cool things that fit my style!

I love shopping for jewelry, sundresses, and comfy T-shirts at Urban. Sure, not everything at the store is my cup of tea, but if you look closely there are a lot of great clothes that you wouldn't typically think of finding at a store like Urban Outfitters.

Here are some of my top picks:
Top | Dress | Mules | Skirt | Necklace | Purse
*I actually went ahead and ordered the denim skirt*

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