Lindsey's May Wishlist

May 1, 2015

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It's gonna be May! And you know what that means: it's gonna be summer!!! Summer means so many things—warm weather, longer days, trips to the beach….seriously, summer is the best. For my final summer as a student (wow, that’s a crazy thought) the next three months are all about having a fun time but also about internships! Woohoo! Internships are the best way to get experience at different fashion companies, and I’ve had really valuable ones so far that have really shaped my career goals. If you are a student and looking to get your start in the fashion industry, I highly recommend an internship at a fashion company. No matter where you end up (a PR firm, a fashion magazine, a clothing brand, or somewhere else) you’ll learn a lot about the industry.

Of course, a fashion internship requires a fabulous wardrobe, so this month I'm stocking up on office-appropriate pieces that are still on-trend, like silky culottes and block mid-heels (perfect for running errands while still looking polished!). 

Suede has been trending along with the popularity of the 70s so keep it going strong this summer with a sleeveless dress aka the perfect way to wear suede in the hot summer heat. Front-back earrings are fashionable while not overdoing it. And you can never have too many button-down shirts!

What's on your May wishlist?

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