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January 18, 2017

tea yes, you maybe

One of my New Year's resolutions was to explore different areas of Los Angeles. While at USC I became quite familiar with downtown, and now that I live downtown I consider myself something of an expert, but to the west, there is still so much that I have yet to discover. You don't know until you live in Los Angeles how difficult it can be to venture just 10 miles down the road (especially when the area in question isn't right off the freeway) and suddenly what should be a 20 minute journey turns into an all-day affair. Nevertheless, I've got a lot of free time at the moment, so I'll suck it up in traffic if it means exploring more of this beautiful city.

One area I've loved getting to know: Melrose Avenue. Full of upscale boutiques and curbside cafes, Melrose is a place to see and be seen. Because of the aforementioned free time I have, I prefer stopping by on quiet weekday mornings, when few people are there and I can browse at the Isabel Marant store in peace. Saturday afternoon is the worst time to go, since the avenue is crowded with Brandy Melville-wearing, choker-sporting teenage girls all hoping to get an Instagram shot at the Paul Smith wall; girls who don't even know to stop and marvel at the Alexander McQueen and Monique Lhuillier displays.

I say this, of course, as someone who goes out of her way to frequent places I've seen on Instagram, like the pink wall and Alfred Tea. I can criticize the culture while partaking in it, right?

Aside from their perfect pink and green decor and cutesy phrases painted on the wall, Alfred Tea has a wonderful selection of teas and bobas, and if you happen to be shopping along Melrose, I will say that this place is worth the hype. I usually get a matcha milk tea with boba, but since it was colder I went with a chai latte in a pretty rose cup.

As for the outfit, the star of this look is certainly my new J. Crew Edie dress, which my mom surprised me with for Christmas. At first I was a little sceptical, but when I tried it on I fell in love. The shape is so flattering, and the ruffle is a unique (and on-trend) detail to what would otherwise be yet another chambray dress. I have something of a chambray addiction.

I personally love the shape of the dress when cinched with the tie, but you can also leave it loose for a shift style. I'd probably wear it like that as a poolside coverup. 

A statement necklace, sassy sunglasses, and simple sandals complete the look. Check out all the details below: 


J. Crew dress
Via Spiga sandals
Louis Vuitton clutch
Urban Outfitters sunglasses
Vintage necklace

Photos by my fabulous friend, Bree

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  1. This is just the perfect tea drinking outfit ;) And such a cute location too, I need to go there some day!


    1. Thank you so much! Definitely check out Alfred's if you're in the area!


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