Please Stop, Fashionable Ladies

May 24, 2012

Milla Jovovich; Kristen Stewart; Anja Rubik; Jada Pinkett-Smith; Jessie J

See a trend in the images above? The hottest posing trend since Tyra added "Smize" (Smize? Smeyes?) to the dictionary, The Angelina has inspired a string of immitations. It was vaguely amusing when Angelina first did it because everything she does is so overly-dramatic, but ever since Anja Rubik tried her hand at the pose and exposed the most terrifying hip bone ever seen, I've been begging the fashion gods for this terrible trend to STOP! 

At Cannes, everyone from stylish Milla Jovovich to America's Scowler Kristen Stewart to even British Niki Minaj Jessie J (Of the bunch, Jessie J certainly looks the best and much more glamorous than usual). Look, ladies, I don't mind if you want to wear a slit and show off how well you shaved your legs this morning, but when I have hard proof that you aren't wearing any underwear beneath your gown (I'm looking at you, Rubik!) it's time to stop poppin' the leg and retire the now-infamous Angelina. It had a good run, but please, for the love of all that is fashionable, STOP POSING.

Money, notoriety and rivieras

May 18, 2012

Of all the film festivals, Cannes is considered the creme de la creme. Black tie on the French Mediterranean- there cannot be anything quite like it. Only serious stars are welcome at the festival, and they dress in serious gowns.

Love that Freida Pinto is never afraid to take a risk. She's got the slit without overdoing it (See Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik channeling Angelina), the yellow is stunning against her skin tone, and the bead work makes it a must-have Cannes gown. Parfait!

I think Bella Heathcote is absolutely adorable so she can almost wear anything and get away with it, but I have to agree with other critics who claim that this dress is just too dark. Also, I know that there's the prestigious Palm D'Or Award, but that is not an invitation to actually wear palm print on your dress.

KARA HAYWARD in Louis Vuitton
The young star of the movie I'm most looking forward to, Moonrise Kingdom, wore a butter yellow Louis Vuitton dress with ultra-cool ruffles and a hairdo straight of of the runway show. I think she looks fresh and fun for a young star, and this dress gets me excited to see what else Kara will be wearing when promoting her new movie.

FAN BINGBING in Christopher Bu
Fan Bingbing is without a doubt this year's best dressed at Cannes. Everything she wears is stunning. I adored this dress in all its whimsicality, but what I didn't dig was the hair. She should have either pulled it all back or worn it all down.

DIANE KRUGER in Giambattista Vallli
Stunning. But of course, it's Diane Kruger, so were we really expecting anything less? The color, the cut, the gauziness. And when she turns she get get all Dracula-dramatic on us. I love it.

LANA DEL REY in Alberta Ferretti
I'm a huge Lana fan, so I was absolutely ecstatic to see her in a flawless dress that so perfectly accentuates why I love her. The vampy neckline and simple side-swept 'do left me in awe. Lana's been very trendy lately so I've been worrying that she would get caught up in the "Let's Try to Out-Weird One Another" competition of Gaga, Nicki, and Katy. Also, weird observation: I find it funny that she was invited to the Moonrise Kingdom premier because Lana totally reminds me of a grown-up Kara Hayward.

FREIDA PINTO in Salvatore Ferragamo
Because Cannes is as much about the yacht parties as it is couture ballgowns, Freida picked the best Ferragamo ensemble she could. Blue and white nautical stripes and a halter top. Also, she managed to make the summer trend of belly-bearing look classy by keeping her skirt hem longer.

Only Diane Kruger could wear such a risky dress with such ease. The dress is gorgeous, the shoes go well, her hair and makeup is simple, and she looks about ten feet tall. I'd say it's a winning look!

Another beauty in burgundy. Mia Wasikouwska is another favorite of mine for her unabashed whimsicality when it comes to fashion. But she also knows how to look completely elegant, which is why I love this dress. The drapery is to die for and the color- nothing beats it.

There were plenty of dramatic trains at Cannes -see Naomi Watts and Eva Longoria- but they seemed to be excessive additions to dresses only for the effect. Fan, the Queen of Cannes Style, donned an Elie Saab dress that would not have been the same without the gauzy train. Completely elegant and, even with the train, it appears to not be all that over-the-top.

What was your favorite Cannes red carpet look?

Essentials for Every Girl

May 14, 2012

There are fabulous new pieces for every time of summer girl! From tanning at the beach to roaming the city to dining at a garden party, these clothes will have you vying for oh! those summer days and nights!

 Bohemian Child

Preppy Sailor

Floral Romantic

(Images from

...and all that jazz

There are certain things I can never get enough of in clothing: full skirts, pastels, beading, ruffles, etc. Chanel Cruise 2013 had all these things and more, and I just about died -as in, Rachel Zoe 'die'- after seeing images of the show online.

First of all, Versailles. Karl has recreated the gardens of Versailles and he's made dresses that connote Marie Antoinette, but a show in the actual gardens of Versailles (the pictures, in front of my favorite fountains!) My God, Karl -and by that I am referring to Karl as my God, because let's face it, he's brilliant.

But to tell you the truth, these girls could have posed in front of a dumpster and I still would have melted with sartorial adoration. I saved pictures of almost every look in the show, so forgive me if I post nearly everything, but honestly, it's Chanel, it's Karl, it's Versailles. Can you ever have enough?

Karl, you've done it again
 (Images from and other sources)

Friday, I'm In Love: University of Southern California

May 4, 2012

Me and a fellow future Trojan fighting on for College T-Shirt Day

Today was "College T-Shirt Day" at school and it was so much fun to see everyone repping their college gear. I'm one of those people who just gets really excited for other peoples' successes. Also notice how I turned my simple shirt into a fabulous ensemble (Though I really need to invest in some burgundy and gold sunglasses like my comrade here) BUT today was also a great day for me because USC MOVED MY ADMISSION TO THE FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first I was admitted as a spring student, which is cool but dude, now I'll be going to college along with EVERYONE ELSE and I am SO EXCITED!

Yeah, college! FIGHT ON!

Variety Show

May 3, 2012

FROM LEFT: Rag & Bone; Mother; 7 for all Mankind; Current/Elliott; J Brand; Current/Elliott

We have recently witnessed a denim revolution of sorts. What used to only be offered in a variety of blue washes now appears in every color of the rainbow. Feeling bright and bold? Try a hot pink pant. Going for a monochromatic lavender but wanting the feel of your favorite worn-in jeans? I think that is what I most enjoy about these sorbet-hued pants- they are as reliable as your usual pair of jeans and yet they give you the sleekness of a dressier pant. In a world where denim pants reign supreme, it is important to learn to adapt these pants for any and all occasions, and it does appear that the colorful jean is the latest and greatest invention of the denim industry.

(all pants available at