I'm Loving This Flattering Bikini Style

April 2, 2024

If you are searching for a new swimsuit this summer and have a smaller chest (don't worry, I'm in the same boat) I highly recommend shopping for a style that gathers along the neckline like the style pictured above. I recently got this top from Montce and found it to look so flattering. The gathering provides extra texture and dimension, but the fit stays close to my body and doesn't feel like it's gaping open.

Below are some similar styles:

Red Carpet To Real Life: Carey Mulligan's Balenciaga Gown

March 18, 2024

Carey Mulligan Balenciaga Dress

When Carey Mulligan stepped onto the Oscars red carpet, she instantly skyrocketed to the top of Best Dressed lists with her classic look. She wore an elegant black and white Balenciaga dress that was a recreation of a 1951 design. It was a fitting reference back to the era of her Maestro performance (for which she was nominated) and celebrated the simple glamour of 1950s Hollywood.

Many of you agreed with me on social media that Mulligan's was one of the best looks of the evening, so imagine my delight when, while scrolling through Revolve's new arrivals, I came across this dress that looked like its modern-day, cocktail party counterpart:

While I would not necessarily call this AKNVAS x REVOLVE dress a "look for less" (it is currently listed at $695) it is no doubt considerably cheaper than a custom Balenciaga creation, and certainly more wearable for a wider swath of events. If you are on the hunt for a fun black-and-white party dress, why not channel Ms. Mulligan and take this dress out for a spin?

The Best And Worst Dresses Of The Oscars

March 15, 2024

The 2024 awards season has finally come to a close, Oppenheimer took home the big trophies, and the Hollywood Blvd. In-N-Out has been overrun with Paul Giamatti and plenty of other well-dressed celebs hankering for a late-night burger after months of squeezing into tuxes and gowns. And speaking of gowns...

We must talk about the gowns. There were good gowns, bad gowns, boring gowns, and even a pair of pants that looked like a gown! So let's break down my favorite looks and the ones that disappointed on the Oscars red carpet.

Best Dressed

Worst Dressed