Lindsey's 21st Birthday Week!

April 29, 2015

In case you didn't know from my instagrams, last week was my twenty-first birthday! From rooftop drinks at the Standard to basement clubbing at the Edison, it's been a pretty fun week to turn twenty-one in Los Angeles. Here's what I did (and of course, what I wore) throughout the week:

 Tuesday: Birthday!!!

Even birthday girls have to go to class!
I had class from 2-6pm and again from 7-10 (I know, right? At least they were both film classes) so I decided to bring the party with me all day long with this super cute navy sequin swing dress from Nasty Gal. To make it daytime appropriate I wore a denim jacket from Madewell and my trusty Steve Madden boots (it was overcast). The crown was necessary.

After my evening class I went out with some friends to the Rooftop Bar at the Standard, the trendy hotel downtown and usual stomping ground of USC students (such a hard life we live). I had a Cosmopolitan, which was delicious, and a Bellini—also delish. It was a perfect, chill way to spend turning drinking-age legal on a Tuesday.

#Clique | Cosmos at the Standard #SexandtheCitylife

Friday: Dinner Downtown 

Burrata pizza and cocktails at Faith & Flower
On Friday evening my sorority big sister and I went downtown to the ever-popular Faith & Flower for some absolutely amazing food and drinks. They specialize in fancy cocktails and I can't even remember what was in mine, but it was refreshing and great and I highly recommend the restaurant if you are ever in downtown Los Angeles. The pizza was perfection too, and lasted me throughout the weekend!

I was going for a vintage Parisian look during the day—simple bun, red lips, thin cat-eye, striped top, the works.

At night my friends and I went to the Edison, a prohibition-style club in the basement of one of the oldest buildings downtown. It was a full-on speakeasy fantasy, with acrobatic performances, different hidden rooms, and even women carting around absinthe shots while dressed as the green fairy. Very trendy. I wore another dress from Nasty Gal—this time a black one—and accentuated with a bold Tiffany-blue necklace.

Needless to say, I quite enjoy being 21 and finally being able to explore everything this city has to offer!

Bonjour! | Decor at Faith & Flower

Sunday: Birthday Brunch

Me (on the left lear the back) and my friends at The Church Key in West Hollywood
For the classy portion of the birthday festivities my friends and I (plus my mom) went out for brunch at a recently-opened restaurant called The Church Key in West Hollywood. The food was the bomb (seriously, is brunch food ever disappointing?) and the company was even better! Plus, they served mimosas out of an old Panam drink cart. I want one!

I'm a fan of a simple dress and sandals combination for brunch, so I wore a lavender dress from Minkpink and accessorized with a long gold necklace and matching hair clip. 

"Toad in the Hole" Croque Madame at The Church Key LA
Beauty look for brunch | Delicious chocolate donuts at The Church Key

All in all, a pretty good birthday week! And now that I'm 21 I'm sure there will be many more adventures to come! 

Why Blake Lively is Still a Style Queen

April 27, 2015

Blake Lively at the Age of Adaline premiere
After the end of Gossip Girl Blake Lively took some much-needed time out of the spotlight. She married Ryan Reynolds, had a daughter, and started a lifestyle website. But after a while Lively is ready to get back into the swing of things and has gotten off to a great start promoting her new film, The Age of Adaline. She's stepped out in a number of outfits, from fun retro-style jumpsuits to totally glamorous gowns. 

See my favorite looks of Lively's from the past week:

Sam & Lavi | Marc Jacobs | Ralph & Russo | Lindsey Thornburg | Cushnie et Ochs

Monique Lhuillier | Roksanda | Monique Lhuillier | Zuhair Murad | Valentino
What do you think of Blake Lively's many red carpet outings? 

Trending — Pineapple Prints

April 24, 2015

A few years back it was all about citruses. Lemons, limes, and oranges—oh my! Cherries had their time in the sun, too. But now, my friends, it is all about the tropical pineapple in clothing.

Quirky fashion brand MSGM based a whole collection on the pineapple, and everyone from Tory Burch to Charlotte Russe is jumping on the trend. Both high fashion and high street brands are fascinated with the tropical fruit. I must say, it's a rather strange fruit, but it does make for an exciting print on a button-down shirt or sweater. 

Perfect for warm summer weather! 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
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What do you think about pineapple print?

The Best Looks from Coachella 2015

April 22, 2015

image via Tyler Joe for Elle
Coachella fashion may be a bit ridiculous at this point, but that doesn't mean everyone has resorted to flower crowns and cut-offs. For every overdone cliché there was a look that screamed festival perfection, from celebrity party looks to just plain-old chic concertgoers. See some of my favorite looks below!

(via Tyler Joe for Elle)
Kristina Bazan of Kayture (via Harper's Bazaar)
(via Gastro Chic for WhoWhatWear)
(via Gastro Chic for WhoWhatWear)
Kate Bosworth in Etro jacket, Kempner dress, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Coach purse (via Buzzfeed)
Alana Haim (via Emily Knecht for Vogue)
Alexa Chung in a Chloé dress and Ray-Ban sunglasses (via Refinery29)
(via Harper's Bazaar)
Alessandra Ambrosio, in an Alé by Alessandra romper, with friends (via Tyler Joe for Elle)
What were your favorite looks from Coachella? Share in the comments below!

The Problem with Limited Capsule Collections

April 20, 2015

Image via Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook
By now you've probably heard all about the mess that was the Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch that happened on Sunday, April 19th, or what some people are now referring to as “Pink Sunday”. The eagerly anticipated capsule collection was met by mile-long lines of dedicated devotees and was wiped out of stores within minutes. As I happened to make a trip to the mall this morning anyways, I thought about bopping by Target just to see if there was anything left. When I entered the store (a mere ten minutes after it had opened, mind you) there were only a few items of children’s clothing and some nail polish left.

At Target locations nationwide the result was the same: #LillyForTarget came and went faster than a flash of lightning, and people are mad.

Of course, a quick search on eBay and one will see that the majority of the capsule collection inventory is available for sale online; only, these pieces are marked up two to three times their selling price. At Target a shift dress sold for $38; on eBay they are priced anywhere from $80 to $200. This is a standard practice with these limited capsule collections: scalpers will arrive at the stores early and scoop up everything they can get their hands on and then sell them for a profit online, taking advantage of the fact that once these items have disappeared off the shelves, they are gone for good. Stores sometimes try to fight this by limiting the items that customers can purchase, but these eBay sellers find ways around it.

These guys are smart, but they're also taking advantage of what should be a fun, for-everyone event. The whole point of designer collaborations with cheaper brands like Target or H&M is to make a designer more accessible; customers can be introduced to names like Joseph Altuzarra and Peter Pilotto without having thousands of dollars to spend on items of clothing. A collaboration with a name like Lilly Pulitzer is ideal because a larger population is already familiar with the Lilly style but may not have the financial means to afford the real deal. A Target version may not have the same exact level of quality as a “true” Lilly, but for a teenage girl who loves Lilly but can't afford it on her after school job salary, a Lilly for Target version is perfect. When the supposedly cheaper version is selling for $200, though, you might as well get the real thing.

Though a group of preppy snobs was complaining about the Target collaboration lessening the value of their real Lilly Pulitzer clothes, ironically it has become the cheaper version that has become more covetable and in-demand. In fact, anyone can walk into a Lilly Pulitzer store and buy a Lilly dress whenever they want. It is the person who walks away with the limited Lilly for Target dress that becomes the true owner of exclusivity.

What do you think about designer collaborations like the Lilly for Target collection? Do you think these collaborations are valuable, or do they cause more trouble than they are worth?

Trending — Lace It Up

April 17, 2015

The Reformation Caroline Dress ($98)
Sometimes I wish corsets came back in style and then I realize that I really don't want to wear an instrument of personal torture everyday. Underwire bras are annoying enough, thank you. Truth be told, I really just like the look of corseting; not even the look they give the women who wear them, but just how they appear in the world. They may be painful and the reason why fainting was an actual thing women did when they saw a total babe walk by, but they are pretty cool to look at. And the whole idea of lacing a corset up everyday basically means that you were a big enough deal to have someone who's job was to put that corset on you. #TheDream

So if you find yourself yearning for the coolness of the corset but would like to skip out on the whole rib-damaging, literally deforming your body to fit misogynistic beauty standards sort of thing, I have just the thing for you! The lace-up dress (or top)!

I was introduced to the coolness that is The Reformation while interning at WhoWhatWear this past summer, and one of their most popular styles is the Caroline Dress, a chic mini with lace-up detail and grommeting that reminds me of a corset but without the pain of wearing one! Clearly the WWW editors are big fans and so am I! The lace-up detail is a nice touch to what would otherwise be a simple LBD, and it has a sort of sexy pirate lady appeal to it (which, you know, you should always aspire to channel a sexy pirate lady). 

You can leave the lacing undone for a particularly sultry look, or you can be a bit more prim and proper with a fully-laced neckline. There's room for variation and interpretation with this style neckline, which is always nice.

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What do you think of lace-up necklines?

You Could Wear Denim For The Rest of Your Life

April 15, 2015

Once upon a time denim was a fabric reserved for a pair of casual pants we like to call The Blue Jean. Jeans are great—they're comfortable, casual, and versatile, but they can only get you so far. Why should your legs get all the fun? 

Alas, that was a problem for yesterday. Today, clothes of all types are done up in denim, from jackets to dresses and even purses. From a denim trench coat to going out dresses, denim is no longer reserved for casual weekends or even just for your legs. In fact, with clothes of all styles made up in denim, you could conceivably build up a wardrobe of only denim.

Seriously though, when denim is this varied, is there really a need for anything else?

images from various magazine editorials
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In Defense of Drugstore Lipstick

April 13, 2015

Since I became interest in makeup (once I entered middle school, I believe) I've been searching long and hard for the best lipstick in the world. I've scoured countless fashion magazine and online beauty edits that all claim that they have found the elusive #1 lipstick in the world; I've spent hours at department store makeup counters and Sephora sampling colors and testing different formulas. I've debated the pros and cons of lip liners, or the differences between glosses and sticks and stains. It's safe to say that I've spent a fair amount of money and resources on lipstick, only to come to a rather fascinating conclusion:

Sometimes, drugstore lipsticks do the trick just as well as the designer versions.

But how could this be? Surely the extra $30 you pay to get a tube of Chanel Rouge Coco over a plastic-wrapped Maybelline lipstick must mean something? There has to be a reason why designer lipsticks are so much more expensive, right? RIGHT!?

So long as it looks good, who cares where your lipstick comes from!
At least in my experience, that's not necessarily the case. I've started buying exclusively drugstore lipsticks because I've failed to notice a difference between them and their supposedly higher-quality designer counterparts. My Chanel lipsticks fade away just as quickly, so I might as well save some money where I can, right?

And in terms of colors, I typically find that drugstore lipsticks have more vibrancy. What's more, if I'm nervous to try a new shade (say, a dark purple for a vampy look) I'm more likely to test out an $8 version than dropping $35 on a color I might only wear occasionally.

That's not to say that there isn't value in the designer lipstick. I'm a huge fan of Make Up For Ever for super-matte colors, and I know people who will wear NARS and Tom Ford until they die. There are virtues of these pricier lipsticks, and every so often I will find one that I really love, but in most cases I would rather put that money towards buying a new dress or a cute pair of shoes than on rather ephemeral lipstick. And unlike designer clothes were brand labels are often visible and you can flaunt your designer duds, no one will ever be able to tell if your perfect red lip is courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent or CoverGirl.

So the next time you're at CVS picking up your allergy medication, don't be afraid to test out a bold new color from Revlon or L'Oreal. You might just find your next signature color!

What are your thoughts on drugstore and designer makeup?

Top Ten 'Game of Thrones' Fashion Moments

April 10, 2015

image via Vanity Fair
Season Five of everyone's favorite bloody, sexy, intense fantasy series premieres this Sunday on HBO, and yours truly is so excited. Over the past four years I've grown incredibly attached to the characters of Game of Thrones (a dangerous thing to do, as you Stark family fans probably know) and I cannot wait to see what characters like Sansa, Tyrion, and Jon Snow get up to next. I even miss the more villainous characters of the show, like Cersei and Littlefinger. And, let's be real, I just cannot wait for the moment that Dany and her dragons finally tear up King's Landing like a mother of dragons should. 

If you don't have time for a full recap of all the politics and deaths, I'm counting down the top 10 fashion moments from the TV series (and you know, the costumes are just as important as any important plot points). So sit back and revel in the cool fantastical fashions that we all wish were back in style.

*Warning: there could be spoilers ahead. You've been warned*

10. Daenerys's Utilitarian Look

She may be a Khaleesi but Daenerys has a lot to do before she's ready to take Westeros back for the Targaryen name. While she's taking over cities and commanding an army of Unsullied (not to mention three very pesky adolescent dragons) she's going to need a more utilitarian look. Her blue tunic is functional and beautiful—brings out the blue in her eyes!—and I'm pretty sure she's wearing skinny jeans. Dany is going to bring Westeros into the 21st century.

9. The Sculptural Dress that Would Make Rei Kawakubo Weep

The introduction of Margaery Tyrell in Season Two was a welcome one; I'm always excited to see new characters on Game of Thrones, especially when they are chic ladies from Highgarden. This look from Margaery was medieval high fashion at its finest, and I knew from that moment on that we had a true game player on our hands (and a well-dressed one at that).

8. Arya's Disguise

Talk about committing to a look. Arya's been wandering around Westeros disguised as a boy ever since season one and she's really rocked the outfit (seriously, she's been wearing the same thing for three years. Hopefully she has a good dry-cleaning service!) but I must say I am excited to see her wear some new threads in Braavos (see her new outfit here, where she sports on-trend mini buns and a fanny pack).

7. Ellaria Sand Arrives at King's Landing

I was excited to meet the people of Dorne in Season Four, and Ellaria Sand (lover of Prince Obyren Martell) did not disappoint! Dressed in sun-kissed oranges and golds that went along with the Martell sigil of a spear-pierced sun, Ellaria is never afraid of defying the trends at King's Landing and showing up fashion heavyweights like Cersei Lannister. Her daring looks (seriously, have you ever seen such awesome headwear?) were a breath of fresh air.

6. The Purple Wedding

We knew that the Purple Wedding was going to be extravagant, but my did it exceed my expectations! Margaery's wedding dress featured a train of fabric roses (roses are the symbol of the Tyrells) and it was just a beautiful piece of Game of Thrones fashion. Even Joffrey was looking dapper in a gold brocade ensemble! There are worst last outfits.

5. The Red Woman Takes Her Name Literally

Melisandre—also known as the Red Woman—may be a little too much of an overzealous religious fanatic for my liking, but the lady does know how to dress the part. From her fiery locks to every piece of fabric, Melisandre is all about the color red. Her crimson outfits always stand out from the dreary landscape, and she knows how to make an entrance like the best of them.

4. Brienne of Tarth Defies Gender Norms

When we were introduced to the Lady Brienne of Tarth I was so excited. This was a badass lady who could hang with the best knights in Westeros and fight bears all while in fierce armor, and she has no time for your medieval misogyny. She's stunningly beautiful but can cut you—quite literally—and after a while of wearing mismatched armor she finally has a custom-made look so she can look as badass as she is.

3. Cersei Lannister Makes the Case for Dramatic Sleeves

TBH, Cersei is the baddest bitch in Westeros. She's manipulative and sometimes plain evil, but the girl sure makes being bad look pretty good. We already know she's quite the trendsetter—remember when Sansa styled her hair to match Cersei's in an attempt to woo Joffrey (ugh, simpler times)—and with Lannister money and the title of queen, Cersei has no shortage of resources at her disposal, allowing for some truly decadent fashion looks. Her signatures? Dramatic bell sleeves, bright red and gold (the Lannister colors),  and the coolest twisted braided updos I've ever seen. Basically, we all want to look like her.

2. Sansa's Transformation into Alayne Stone

This was basically the Game of Thrones equivalent to Sandy's makeover at the end of Grease. Sansa's one of my favorite characters because she starts the series as a naïve teenager but—through many hardships—grows up and learns how to play the game like the best of 'em. When she emerged from the staircase in this badass all-black ensemble of raven feathers, I knew this girl was finally a full-on BAMF.

1. Daenerys Targaryen's Everything 

If I could steal the wardrobe of one character on the show, it would be Daenerys's. She's perfected the easy, breezy dress and always looks both regal and terrifyingly tough. Just the way the Mother of Dragons should. She's proof that you can rock pastels and still be the most dangerous girl around and I am so excited to see what she wears next. Plus, if her on-point eyebrows haven't inspired you to recognize the importance of eyebrow game, I don't know what will.

Who is your favorite Game of Thrones fashionista?

Trending — Gladiator Sandals

April 8, 2015

image source
There's only so much you can do with a pair of flat sandals, right? 

The gladiator sandal begs to differ, and as you've probably noticed the ancient shoe style is making quite the high-impact statement this spring. Whether you're traipsing about Coachella or just off to Sunday brunch, gladiator sandals add a new level to the simplest of outfits.

They were all over the Spring 2015 runways jazzing up lace minis and decadent, feminine pieces. That's how I recommend wearing these shoes, but sky is really the limit. Cut-off shorts, mini skirts, peaking out from culottes or a maxi skirt. The only thing I would stay away from while wearing knee-high gladiator sandals is pants.

Chloé | Valentino
Erdem | Stella McCartney
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What are your thoughts on gladiator sandals?

What I Did This Weekend

April 6, 2015

What a fun weekend! I told you April was going to be a busy month! Here's what I did, and more importantly, what I wore:


A picture I took during the set (BØRNS has sweet style) | Later, we got a picture with him!
On Saturday USC held it's annual Springfest music concert, kind of a mini-Coachella on campus and for free! The big headliner was 2 Chainz, but I was far more excited to see BØRNS and Portugal. The Man. It was a gorgeous 85º day, so it felt so nice to sit out on the grass, drink some boba, and listen to fabulous live music. 

I wore a turquoise knit sundress with a cool open back, a dangly necklace from Urban Outfitters, classic white high-tops, and my favorite new shades from Madewell. I did my hair in two low buns à la Miley Cyrus, but to be honest I rocked that look in preschool way before Miley ever did. 


Dress and denim jacket from Madewell | Urban Outfitters necklace
Happy Easter! My mom drove up and we went out to brunch at Terrine, a delicious brasserie up in the Beverly Grove area. We got short rib hash and eggs benedict, so I'm content for forever, basically. I also got an Easter basket full of goodies! Because you're never too old for pastel-colored candies.

I wore a floral silk dress from Madewell and offset it with a perfect denim jacket and tan ankle boots.
Short rib, egg, and potato hash | Eggs Benedict with ham, spinach, and hollandaise sauce
What did you do this weekend?