La La Land

May 29, 2013

It seems Charlotte Olympia, the eccentric accessories designer popular for her purr-fect kitten loafers, has recently been inspired by the City of Angels for her pre-fall "Hollywoodland" collection.

With playful clutches in the shapes of film slate boards, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars, and film reels, and shoes inspired by the art deco architecture and flashing lights of the city, the line is a wonderful way to show off one's love for film and for Los Angeles, in a fun and playful manner.

They are really cute, fun pieces for a girl who isn't afraid to be bold and a little quirky, which is exactly what I love about Charlotte Olympia's designs. Now, if only they were a little easier on my wallet...

Runway vs. Street Style: Tied Shirts

May 26, 2013

Remember back in the day when it was cold in the morning but progressively got hotter throughout the day and like, it was really annoying having to wear a sweatshirt and then taking it off and having to carry it around and it was sooo annoying until we had this great epiphany that we could just take our sweatshirts and tie them around our waists? And suddenly, life was so much easier. Until around the 8th grade when you realized the cool kids didn't tie their outer layers around their waists no more (because they had discovered the even more ingenious invention of the tote bag).

Well, the good days don't have to be entirely in the past, because starlets and street style stars have gone back to the 90s and have taken to tying shirts and jackets around their waists. Of course, nowadays the act of knotting a plaid flannel is more of a meticulously-thought-out fashion statement than an act of practical necessity.

The trick to pulling this look off: looking seemingly effortless while actually applying a tremendous amount of effort. I'm kidding, but only kind of. Skinny jeans, Converse, combat boots, tousled hair - all perfect compliments to a shirt tied at the waist.

Of course, if you are looking for a more one-and-done look, Celine has cooked up fabulous sweatshirt-like dresses with oversized ties. Whereas the street style stars are channelling Kurt Cobain, the Celine girls are going for an extremely-polished, minimalist look.

What look do you prefer?

modern hippies of the city

May 24, 2013

Moschino Cheap & Chic has a tendency to be somewhat cheeky, but we love every second of it! For the Resort 2014 presentation, the not-so-cheap diffusion line went totally far out and took inspiration from the daisy-chain-wearing flower children of the grooovy sixties. 

Quite literal daisy chains and prints dominated the collection, and earthy tones abounded - tones that would appeal to any respectable tree hugger. 

Of course, these women look more likely to venture to Coachella than Woodstock, or sipping on a fancy latte outside Urth Cafe than protesting in Washington, D.C. These girls are hip, laid-back, and very downtown, but they go to sunrise yoga and organize glamping trips to get in touch with their more peaceful, spiritual side. Just don't expect them to be joining Greenpeace any time soon.

Summer Hues

May 23, 2013

rainbow summer

Summer is all about color and lots of it

The sun is shining, flowers are bright and blooming, and everyone is ready to ditch those winter greys for something a little brighter.

You can apply the color spectrum to almost anywhere: Calypso St. Barth has a fabulous gradient pillow to brighten up your sofa; Missoni's signature zig-zag knits get a multi-colored update; hey, you can even paint your house in all the colors of the rainbow in the style of the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs (the 14 colors featured in the hotel are inspired by the colors of the many desert flowers; also, request a room in your favorite hue! I picked pink!)

So go ahead, add some color to your life and spice it up! Summer is the time to go wild with color!

dior takes us away

May 22, 2013

I absolutely adored the 2014 resort presentation from Raf Simons at Christian Dior. Everything was very crisp and polished - as we expect from Dior - but totally ready for a retreat to some Mediterranean resort.

Crop tops and bandeaus, bright and bold colors, and wondrously-tailored (while at the same time perfectly comfortable) zip-up dresses and tops. If I could I would totally rock the zip-up dress or the pink wrap-around crop top every day of the summer! But alas, I will simply dream of the collection for right now...

new finds

May 18, 2013

shopping 5.18.13

I decided to seize the opportunity of being home and enjoying the fabulous summer weather to stock up on some summer must-haves at Fashion Valley Mall.

I was super pumped about a Madewell opening up in San Diego. As the younger, hipper cousin of J. Crew (which you all know is one of my favorites) it's one of my favorite stores to hit up in Los Angeles, but it's nice to know that I have Madewell so close to home!

I picked up two fabulous pairs of flat sandals and a silky-soft dust pink T-shirt.

At J. Crew I found a lovely crystal necklace, khaki "Cafe Capri" pants, and a lovely blue and white striped sleeveless blouse.

And of course I stocked up on some Chanel makeup with a taupe eyeshadow stick and new pink lipstick. It may be overpriced, but I must hand it to Chanel for making awesome colors and formulas for makeup.

Summer Time

May 16, 2013

summer wishlist
1. An easy, breezy shirtdress in a bold hue; Equipment shirtdress
2. A carry-all tote; BCBG lazer-cut leather tote bag
3. A polished, heat-proof top; Kate Spade Saturday "Sexy-Back" top
4. A graphic print skirt; Madewell wrap-around skirt
5. Statement jewelry; J. Crew rainbow necklace

Summertime is upon us, my friends, and finally this girl is free from the shackles of 16 units and insane finals weeks and ready to celebrate a glorious summer. 

For me, summer is about looking fresh, laid-back, but still poised and polished, and finding pieces that can work wherever the day takes you. Bold, bright colors are perfect for sunny days, and tote bags are necessary when bopping around town. Plus, it gives you plenty of room to stash an emergency swimsuit - my only summer secret: never go anywhere without a swimsuit in your bag, just in case.

And, add some trendiness to your summer wardrobe by adding a graphic black-and-white piece inspired by the mod looks at Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton this spring.  

the Great Gatsby

May 12, 2013

With any book-to-movie adaptation there will be critics, but count this girl as a fan - Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was in my opinion absolutely phenomenal. It was not without fault, of course, but I think Luhrmann's over-the-top style was perfectly suited for showcasing the wild and excessive lifestyle of the 1920s elite. The outrageously fun party sequences, the asynchronous soundtrack with tracks by Jay-Z and Lana del Rey, and of course the costumes, don't get me started on the costumes...well, okay, since you got me started...

Luhrmann's wife, Catherine Martin, did the costume designing for Gatsby. And of course she had a little bit of help from Muccia Prada and Tiffany & Co. The clothes were every bit as decadent as the decade, with dropped waists, fringe and bead embellishments, and dripping diamonds. Daisy was of course the fashion star, in one scene donning a purple fur and feather stole over a diamond-encrusted gown that seemed to dazzle everyone in the room, not just the mysterious Jay Gatsby.

Even the men looked exceptionally handsome in crisp suits and charming sweaters. The clothes that each character wore were really reflections of their personality: Nick wore the tweed suits and polished cardigans of a young Wall Street man; Myrtle's clothing (while not very accurate to the time period) made very clear her overt sexuality; Jay's bold suits are eye-catching and expensive but lack the classy subtlety of the old money families he will never be a part of.

The movie was quite beautiful and visually stunning. Even my friends who aren't very interested in costumes or fashion raved about the clothing. As a fan of art deco and the 1920s style, I certainly thought Gatsby was great.

Prada 1920s costume sketches

Punk Goes Couture

May 8, 2013

The theme of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's fashion exhibition for 2013 is "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" and the stars came out on Monday night for the Met Gala, dressed in studs, safety pins, and everything in between.

Some celebrities took great pleasure in the theme and used it as an excuse to wear fun, punk-inspired clothing and costume. Others still kept punk influences in their designer looks but went for couture more than chaos. And some stayed true to their personal styles and used the Met Gala - often called the Oscars of fashion - as simply another night to wear a fabulous outfit.


Sarah Jessica Parker in her usual over-the-top, whimsical style, went full-out for the night's theme in a mohawk-style hairpiece by Philip Treacy, Giles Deacon dress, and fabulous thigh-high plaid boots from Christian Louboutin. The reviews of her ensemble have been mixed, but I think it's a fun homage to the punk culture.

Teen fashion darling Elle Fanning took a daring turn in a red, white, and blue tie-dyed Rodarte gown and heavy blue winged eye makeup. The look is very edgy and all, but it's just not that pretty, so I'd call it a rare fashion misstep for Elle.

Kerry Washington wore a violet floral gown by Vera Wang but kept it edgy with a black taffeta train, black leather gloves, and purple streaks in her hair. A perfect combination of sophistication and punk, chaos and couture.

Rising star Aubrey Plaza absolutely blew me away in this Marios Schwab medieval-inspired cape dress. It was a great fashion statement that took influence from the gala's theme without going overboard.

met gala1

And of course black was in high abundance. Channelling Debbie Harry was Anne Hathaway, who wore a stunning black gown from the Valentino archives and sported a blonde pixie cut. Anne herself was surprised that the Valentino - usually a dressmaker for prim and proper ladies - fit the theme so well.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr went a sexy, glam route in a cut-out Michael Kors. Her look was boundary-pushing while still sticking to her signature Victoria's Secret Angel style.

Elsewhere, Miley Cyrus went full-out goth-punk in a black mesh Marc Jacobs dress and spikey blonde hair. I would hate the look anywhere else, but I love her take on the theme on this occasion.

Gisele Bundchen rocked out in an Anthony Vaccarello mini with chainlink details holding it all together. I would never be bold enough to rock such a daring cut, but Gisele makes it look so effortless. Again, playing with the theme while sticking to her style.

Who were your favorites at the Met Gala this year? 

Picnic Party

May 3, 2013


1. Kate Spade Picnic Blanket
2. Juicy Couture Straw Tote Bag
3. Red Heart-shaped Sunglasses
4. Kate Spade Picnic Basket
5. Kate Spade Saturday Floran Tennis Shoes
6. Jack Wills "Payton" Straw Hat

I'd say having my weather app reading 90 degrees for Los Angeles on the last day of classes for the semester is a good sign. A sign that summer is coming and that it is time to start celebrating (of course, three essays and two finals still keep me from just hitting the beach this istant). Last night I was biking across campus a while after the sun had fallen, and yet I felt so fine biking back in a skirt and sleeveless blouse. I love the feeling of being outside at night in the middle of summer, out on a picnic blanket or making s'mores, and never once feeling cold. 

Picnicking certainly feels so quintessentially summery! And luckily brands like Kate Spade and Juicy Couture agree!