American Hustle

February 28, 2014

Coach | Derek Lam | Juan Carlos Obando | Tommy Hilfiger | ZAC Zac Posen

The 70s have been on a run these past few years, thanks in part to some of the movies that have come out recently. Argo, the Ben Affleck directed flick about the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979, won the Oscar for Best Picture, and David O'Russell's American Hustle is nominated for the Academy's highest honor - we'll see if it wins this weekend. I was not entirely impressed with either film (too much hype can be a bad thing, I've learned) but I was enthralled by the costumes and the style of the decade.

The 70s were indeed a tumultuous decade full of scandal and strife (Argo) but also extravagance and glamour (American Hustle). Revolution was everywhere, whether it was a country fighting for independence or women fighting for equal rights. The 70s were loud and full of liberation, and the clothes were as wild and ever-changing as the times.

And it's no shock that with a recent cinematic fascination with the decade a resurgence in fashion trends from the 70s has come about. Halter tops, shearling coats and jackets, silk neck ties, patchwork denim, aviators...there's no end to the inspiration.

Coach's first-ever ready-to-wear collection felt like an experiment in 70s-revival, with an earthy color palette and enough tan suede and fringe to costume the cast of That 70s Show. Miuccia Prada blended the 1930s Weimar Republic and the 1970s for her fall collection at Prada. The geometric prints and fire engine red furs were bold enough for Amy Adam's character in American Hustle to fawn over, surely.

Best in Show: Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

February 24, 2014


At Marni the models were birds of a feather - or fur? Either way there were many references to the natural world and the coats of all sorts of creatures. Furs are standard fall collection fare, but Consuelo Castiglioni applied it in strange asymmetrical patches and in unnatural prints and colors. 

The color scheme was rather utilitarian, but it's not a Marni show without some unexpected pops of color strewn throughout. There would be a parade of army green outfits punctuated by a hot pink monochrome look just to make sure you are always on your toes. 

The final looks of the show were absolutely stunning in terms of innovation and construction. They appear to be natural and idyllic while at the same time futuristic and modern - the juxtaposition of the natural and the constructed world seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the collection.

Altogether this was one of the most inspiring and inventive Marni shows that I have seen. There is the usual attention to construction and shape combined with the offbeat quirkiness, but it is much more sophisticated and creative than ever before. 

I can't imagine celebrities having any luck on the red carpet with these funky outfits, but I don't think that's the point of Castiglioni's latest collection. These are beautiful and challenging clothes, and I love it. 


Another designer to use copious amounts of fur was Karl Lagerfeld for his latest collection for Fendi. Of course, Fendi was founded as a fur house, so this makes sense. Compared to the punchy primary colors of the spring collection, Fendi Fall 2014 may seem a bit drab. I'm not usually one for such earthy tones, but I really enjoy how Lagerfeld has utilized them here.

There's a kind of retro-futuristic vibe going on here, like how people from the 50s thought the future would look. In what seems to be one of fall's prevailing themes, I can almost imagine Princess Leia wearing one of these looks while touring the galaxy far far away. But then there are go go boots and ladylike dresses and the most amazing fur baseball jacket ever which are not so much Star Wars and really more of a cool, retro-modern look. 

In the end these clothes are sleek and lovely. Fashion editors are going to eat these looks up, and bloggers will not be able to get enough of that fur baseball jacket. Seriously, that is magical. 

Prada Fall 2014

February 21, 2014

Prada is not a show that you immediately comprehend. Miuccia is an expert of creating thoughtful and at times confusing clothing that takes time to fully muster up a feeling about. Generally I get super excited for the Prada show and then turn away after the live stream has finished feeling a bit disappointed. It's never what I expect and I can never quite understand it the first time around. And if I'm being completely honest, the clothes are sometimes not the most generically beautiful, which is of course what makes them so difficult to digest on first viewing.

For the Fall 2014 show we had a bit of a hint as to what it was going to look like a few weeks ago during Men's Fashion Week, where several female models came out in looks of a very similar color palette to the collection today. Tim Blanks described Thursday's show as "Act II" in his review, with this being the second installment to be inspired by the German avant-garde movement in in particular Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 1972 film The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant.

There was a mix of time periods here - on the one hand I could totally see Amy Adam's character from American Hustle fawning over the shearling coats in vibrant colors and the disco print silk dresses; on the other, there were the drop waists and fringe details of the Weimar era, where German avant-gardism flourished.

While not the cotton candy colored collection that was Spring 2014, fall feels very bold and glamorous in an entirely different way. And actually, I think this is one of the most "understandable" collections that Miuccia has produced in a while. That doesn't make it any less intellectual, but it is stunning and I can see that more easily with this collection. Which probably means I'll only love it even more over time.

We'll Never be Royals*

February 19, 2014

*But actually, Prince Harry ain't married yet so there's still hope

David Koma | Clover Canyon | Simone Rocha |Mary Katrantzou | Erdem

London Fashion Week came and went - I know, right! - and it left me feeling like quite the anglophile. Plaids and tartans have proven to be a lasting force ever since they first stepped back into the limelight this past fall as a grunge staple, but this season the check print has a decidedly traditional air to it. 

At Clover Canyon and Mary Katrantzou, family shields and crests came back in a big way, and by two designers whose digitalized prints will bring traditional motifs into the twenty-first century. I have a feeling the Mary Katrantzou pieces are going to be especially popular among the street style set - it's totally a way to relive that English prep school fantasy in a more sophisticated fashion.

Simone Rocha created an entire collection that was inspired by the ever-popular Anne Boleyn, the second wife of the notorious Henry VIII and mother to Elizabeth I. 

David Koma was less literally inspired by the styles of medieval England but there was a historical edge to the off-the-shoulder shapes of dresses; in fact, they were quite reminiscent of Aurora's dress from Sleeping Beauty, a hybrid of medieval and 50s dress shapes. Erdem showed similar styles but in rich brocades, and even included a fur coat that resembled a luxurious ermine coat fit for a queen. 

All in all, there's a large sense of national and historical pride amongst the London collections, and I may be as American as they come but I'm all for a little bit of anglomania!

NYFW & Boobs: What's the Big Deal?

February 17, 2014

Michelle Harper attending shows in New York (photo by Chantal Adair for | Kendall Jenner making her runway debut at Marc Jacobs

When I was twelve I was a little off-put when I saw skinny models in sheer tops traipsing down the runway like it was no big deal. I had just delved into the world of high fashion and the concept of of fashion being as much about nudity as it was clothing took some time for me to adjust to. 

Nowadays it's really no big deal for me. Sheer tops are a thing and they don't always come with corresponding lingerie when shown on the runway. Fashion editorials feature topless models as much as Playboy does. Toplessness is not unusual to me anymore and as I look back on the middle school me who blushed just looking at Chanel runway shows and the occasional see-through top I wonder why exactly I was so alarmed by it all in the first place. After all, it's only a woman's body, it's not something unfamiliar or dangerous. 

So what exactly is wrong with the occasional sheer top, anyways?

I found myself looking back on my first encounters with toplessness in fashion and asking the above question this weekend when the social media universe was all atwitter (on Twitter) over Kendall Jenner's runway debut at the Marc Jacobs show this past Thursday. 

The eighteen-year-old member of the Kardashian clan was almost unrecognizable beneath a cropped wig and pale makeup that included bleached brows. Her involvement in the show was kept quite hush-hush until she stepped out into the spotlight, and even then I didn't recognize her as I livestreamed the show. It was only when I saw my twitter feed erupt with excitement over her first stint as a runway model that I did a double take and conclude that Kendall had indeed walked down the runway in equestrian-inspired trousers and an incredibly lightweight knit top.

The first thing I thought was: meh, I wish they had put her in a better outfit. 

The second thing: oh, her boobs are out. People are going to freak out about that probably.

Big shocker: I was right about the ideas people were going to have regarding her somewhat scandalous outfit. People started freaking the eff out over Kendall's outfit. If you search "Kendall Jenner" and "Marc Jacobs" the majority of results focus on the fact that the young starlet exposed her breasts on the catwalk - and not, you know, that she just walked for one of the biggest names in fashion and did well. Kendall is getting called a bad role model and an attention whore (usually along the lines of "she's just like her other attention whore sisters"). 

Nice, people. Very nice.

While personally I would not opt to wear that outfit to my next lecture, there's a reason why Kendall is the model and I am not. If she feels comfortable wearing the outfit then go for it, girl! And it's not like only the celebrity wore a revealing outfit - she was but one in a long line of models that sported slightly-transparent tops for Marc Jacob's fall 2014 show. 

In addition, one must consider the context. Many people tweeted about how disgusted they were with Kendall's choice in outfit, as if she went to Barney's and purchased it or had requested a see-through top. This was the outfit Kendall was given, and as a model it is her job to wear the clothes. 

Consider the street style choice of Michelle Harper during NYFW: she wore a nude mesh top that similarly left her breasts exposed - and she was wearing it on the streets out in public. When I first saw her outfit I'll admit I was a little shocked, but it was more of a "Oh, that's something we don't see everyday" than an "AHH! Boobs!" Most commentators felt similarly about Harper - shocked not by the "obsceneness" of her outfit but rather by the rarity of such a look, and in the dead of winter no less. I think the main thing that came to mind for me was, Ohmigod, she must be freezing. That is true dedication to your look over fear of the elements.

So why are two cases of semi-toplessness interpreted so differently? I suppose the two most important factors are Kendall's age and celebrity. Granted, she is young, but she is average in age for a model and she is a legal adult who is capable of making her own decisions. On the second factor - her celebrity - I think the context of the outfit is important. It is her job to wear the outfit, rather than a choice to go out in public wearing it. 

But in all honesty, would it be so weird if she did that either? I see plenty of women walk about sans bra and personally I like wearing bras (they're pretty!) but I can understand that bras can be uncomfortable and that some women don't like wearing them. And people don't really freak out when women choose to go without a bra, so I don't really understand why the level of sheer-ness affects how appropriate not wearing a bra can be. And it's like, people, it's no mystery that women have breasts whether you can see them through a shirt or not. They are there and we should stop fixating on them and on Kendall's outfit and instead celebrate the huge accomplishment that walking for Marc Jacobs is. Don't let anything - especially something as stupid as boobs - distract from that huge achievement. 

Pale Pink Disco Queens: Marc Jacobs Fall 2014

February 14, 2014

Marc Jacobs has been a busy man with a lot of talk surrounding him recently. He left Louis Vuitton after a stunning final collection last year to focus on his eponymous label and their upcoming IPO. Luella Bartley took up the designing reigns for his offshoot line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and it seems the reviews have been pretty good. 

And now on the final evening of New York Fashion Week, all eyes have turned to Jacobs and his first collection in a new era of his life.

Following his dark, gothic spring show, it is rather jarring to see Jacobs present a collection full of pastels and airy fabrics for fall. Lavender masses of cotton candy (or were they clouds?) were suspended over the viewers and models strutted out to similarly-colored maxi dresses and wide-leg pants. Each model had their stick-straight bobs pulled out of their face with a wide knit headband, giving them an active, ballerina-in-practice look.

Jacobs always likes to leave us guessing, and one would never suspect this collection from the often punk-inspired designer, but my is the result breathtaking. Make no mistake, these clothes are quite challenging to wear and I'm sure we are going to see a few celebrity missteps when they try to translate these looks to the red carpet, but the right girl in the right dress and you will have a knockout outfit.

Personally I loved the change of pace that this collection brought. The seventies continue to be the big trend and Marc Jacobs has interpreted the decade in a fresh new way, and pastels for fall is perfectly genius! Those ombre fur coats are going to be absolutely everywhere.

Fall 2014 for Jacobs was a breath of fresh air, a beginning of a new chapter, as light and promising as a dainty pink cloud at sunrise. And I can't wait to see where this new day leads Marc Jacobs.

Classics & Comebacks: NYFW Fall 2014

February 13, 2014

New York Fashion Week continues with favorites old and new. 

Here's the low-down on some of my favorites:

J. Crew
J. Crew aka What Would Jenna Lyons Wear?
Personal favorite J. Crew is at it again with the preppy-cool shenanigans. The preppy sportswear brand's collection line has basically turned into a presentation of all the outfits Creative Director Jenna Lyons wants to wear come next fashion week. And Jenna Lyons has basically become the Woman We All Want To Be Like.

Because Jenna Lyons is pretty darn cool, if you ask me. She's got great, no-fuss style; not to mention she made her acting debut on Girls this Sunday, which is like the epitome of cool. With her J. Crew isn't just the wardrobe for Ivy League WASPs and polo players - it has become more (ugh, I hate this word) hip. People want to wear J. Crew. Which frankly I so love.

Anyways, their fall collection is full of clothes fit for every type of woman, from the dressed-up feminine lady to the downtown-cool tomboy. There's enough prep in here to stay classically J. Crew, but there's a youthfulness to the clothes that Lyons introduces that has really revitalized the J. Crew brand. I used to only get basics from J. Crew (plain T-shirts and solid skirts, that sort of thing) but now I enter their store looking for statement pieces. That's a big shift in brand identity if you ask me.

Proenza Schouler
Proenza Schouler gets wild!
The boys at Proenza Schouler are not afraid of a little experimentation, and each collection with them seems to be an intriguing exploration of cuts, textiles, and styles. For fall it appears there has never been a more appropriate time to use the term "Urban Jungle" when describing a collection, as these clothes were made for tackling the bustling streets of New York in style.

Jack and Lazaro are experts of balancing proportions and in mixing unexpected patterns together to achieve a spontaneous but put-together look, if that makes sense. 

The use of zebra stripes and other loud patterns in a cool, sophisticated way is probably what the Rodarte girls were striving for for their Spring 2014 collection, but here it works because these sometimes tacky prints have been applied to incredibly modern silhouettes and not to equally as tacky shapes. 

And if for some reason you are absolutely loving the whole Birkenstocks and ugly sandals trend (preferably with socks) the designers at Proenza have got you covered - well, at least your feet - with loafers that very closely resemble those water booties they make you wear when you go rafting.

Michael Kors
Neutrals never looked so good at Michael Kors
If the boys behind Proenza Schouler are mad scientists of clothing experimentation, then Michael Kors is a distinguished professor of history. You cannot get more classic American clothing than Kors, and you're never going to see him try something that is wayyy out there. And that's okay. Kors has perfected classic American sportswear and it is so darn good, why would he want to change any of that?

For fall Kors stuck mostly with neutrals and soft metallics, but it was always cool and never boring. Kors makes clothes that are sexy without being slutty, historically inspired without being outdated, masculine without losing that feminine edge that makes them so desirable. He may walk a fine line but he never falters, and that is why he consistently makes people fall in love with his clothes.

There's a rich luxuriousness to his clothes but at the same time I wouldn't feel like I had to limit myself from running around in them or going out into nature because I was worried I would spill something on my slip dress or tear my oversized knit sweater. Kors makes clothes that are meant to be worn and lived in which I truly find refreshing. Clothing can be as beautiful as a Renaissance painting but they aren't really valuable if you feel afraid to wear them.

With Michael Kors, these clothes are calling to me, asking me to wear them. And it's taking everything I have to resist them.

Return of the Fashion Jedis (aka The Redemption of Rodarte)

February 12, 2014

Pardon my French, but Rodarte Fall 2014 was the shit.

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting much from the Mulleavy sisters this time around. After their, ahem, "interesting" Spring 2014 collection that was widely regarded as a bit of a misstep for the usually flawless sister designers, I wasn't exactly waiting on pins and needles for the follow-up.

I must apologize to Rodarte (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) because for a second I had given up hope. As cliche as it might be, Rodarte was one of the shows that got me to really enjoy fashion and see it as something more than just practicality. Their clothes were cool and creative and they were inspired by unique things like Japanese monster movies, and I really appreciated that original approach to designing clothes.

The past few seasons had been shaky, and Rodarte kind of fell from the top of my must-see list. It's sad to admit but true. I kept expecting to fall in love again and again and after a few seasons of just not feeling it, I kind of gave up any expectation.

And maybe that's why I felt such a strong appreciation for Tuesday's show. This wasn't only a strong collection through and through, it was a redemption. 

Well, consider yourself redeemed in the eyes of the fashion world, Kate and Laura.

You should have done Star Wars dresses ages ago.

For a fall collection it was quite full of colors - all the colors of a Tatooine sunset, perhaps. The first looks were rather bohemian in the best, intellectual sense of the word, with girls walking out in colorful berets and shawls draped haphazardly around shoulders.

Then there were the awesome coats. I could imagine how delighted editors and bloggers must have been when they saw the glimmering jackets make their way down the runway, thinking about how that is something they could wear during this horrid polar vortex thing.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing colorful coats. It's so easy to resort to blacks and grays when the weather is less than stellar, and I would absolutely love to wear that sparkly blue coat when the temperature dares to drop below - gasp - 50.

The gowns were divided into two groups - Renaissance and Star Wars. I enjoyed both sections for different reasons, but I must say that the Mulleavy know how to turn something that could come across as kitschy into something that is sassy but also super cool.

The Death Star and Two Moon dresses are the best choices for a starlet who is hoping to geek out but not wear Yoda on her skirt, but even the dress with Luke Skywalker is so perfectly matched to his own ensemble that it doesn't seem that odd to have him there.

My only criticism for this show is that it seemed a bit disjointed, thematically speaking. I don't know if I quite understand how bookish bohemians, Renaissance princesses, and intergalactic Jedis have in common.

I'm not complaining though. I love that this is such a huge improvement for Rodarte, and from what I've heard others are quite pleased with the collection as well!

Props to you, Rodarte. You're back on my list of favorites.

The First Shows of Fall 2014

February 10, 2014

New York Fashion Week is off with a bang, and designers are full of dark, gothy pieces; Lorde and the girls of Coven would be so proud. Here are some of the shows that really wowed me in the first few days of NYFW.

Jason Wu
Jason Wu went for dark glamour
You can always count on Jason Wu for a healthy dose of glamour, but this season he took a dark turn with luxurious black velvets and deep maroons. There was the usual tinge of Old Hollywood stardom, with slinky silk dresses falling to shins and hugging the body. Wu knows how to celebrate the woman and making her feel feminine and powerful. These ladies are women and they know how to get stuff done. I can't wait to see these looks on the red carpet.

Prabal Gurung
A lesson in draping at Prabal Gurung
Prabal Gurung is a personal favorite, and each season he seems to outdo himself. If spring was a celebration of the past, fall is a fete of the future. Asymmetrical cuts galore, futuristic nomad details, and a cool mix of oranges, blues, and grays made this presentation absolutely stunning and unique. These looks will follow girls from the street to the party scene, which means everyone will want a closet full of Gurung's clothes.

My favorite part? One look (above, far left) had the model matching her hair to her monochromatic blood orange ensemble. Talk about color coordination!

80s punk meets 50s rockabilly - with a slight South American twist - at Zimmermann
Zimmerman was incredibly unusual and yet I found myself oohing and ahhing at each and every look. I got the impression that the clothes and the models represented a group of girls who were unbelievably cool but also slightly dangerous - like, I would want to sit with them at lunch but I wouldn't want to be caught stealing one of their boyfriends.

Anywho, Zimmermann was a peculiar mix of goth/punk influences and fifties Lolita vibes. Full skirts and off-the-shoulder tops ran rampant, but so did dark lips, heavy boots, and biker jackets. I thought the clothes were absolutely awesome and I would kill to have that ivory lace jumpsuit. Too perfect for words.

Sally LaPointe
Sophisticated style meets downtown cool at Sally LaPointe
Sally LaPointe was practical luxury at its finest. These are clothes fit for a fashion editor, rich and streamlined and minimal-fuss. I enjoyed the atypical approaches to looks, like a sleeveless fur sweater or a crop top with a fabulous embroidered silk maxi skirt. You know the Sally LaPointe girl means business, and you know you want to be dressing just like her.

Experimental textures and textile combinations at Nonoo
At Nonoo, Misha Nonoo played with texture and textile to a brilliant effect. There were fun plays on weaves and pleats (see the grid-paneled coats and skirts, for example) and a radiant range of colors that had me smiling. Maroons and navys are standard autumnal affair, but the pops of yellow and lavender took the collection above and beyond the ordinary winter wear.

Keep checking back for more reviews from all the fashion week shows!

These Hats Are Out of This World

February 6, 2014

All pieces by Piers Atkinson, available here

Net-a-porter is home to some of the world's most premier designers, but there's often a sophisticated, classic edge to the clothes that they feature. There are wacky, trendy, and overall just ridiculous pieces too, but they tend to stay relatively safe.

But among the New Arrivals section is a series of elaborate & whimsical headgear. British Milliner Piers Morgan is the brainchild behind these deliciously wacky hats and headbands. He's been around for a while, with celebs like Anna Dello Russo and Lady Gaga wearing his designs, but I've only recently stumbled upon this headwear designer and thought I would share his creations with you!

As insane as these items are, they are relatively tame compared to some of the other pieces available for sale on his official website

Be warned, these are high-fashion headbands and will cost you (most were over $500) but they are truly unique if you're looking for a good statement piece!

My favorite pieces from the Spring 2014 collection, "It's MY Party!" (see all here)

Steal Her Style: Maja Wyh

February 5, 2014

Zara Coat | Uniqlo Sweater | Gap Jeans | Topshop Boots | American Eagle Outfitters Scarf | MAJA WYH

In the dead of winter, it can be tricky to feel inspired to come up with a creative outfit. If you're like me and in a mid-season slump, look no further! Style blogger Maja Wyh has plenty of great outfits to keep you inspired!

This particular look is a perfect balance of laid-back ease and tailored style. The combination of loose knits and relaxed jeans with a classic oversized coat and heeled boots makes it the perfect outfit for when you need to tackle the elements in style.

Plus, once indoors you can toss off the coat, and you have the perfect lounging outfit!

What style bloggers have been inspiring you all lately? 

The Spring 2014 Beauty Looks for Everyday

February 4, 2014

The Spring 2014 runways were ripe with fresh hair and makeup looks to try. The Fashion Barbie is sifting through all the best beauty looks and teaching you how to adapt these runway styles to your everyday beauty look! 

Rouge lips at Helmut Lang, Prabal Gurung, and Altuzarra
NARS Velvet Lip Pencil (in Dragon Girl) | Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick (in Matte Bright Red) | Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment | Bite Beauty Lip Rouge (in Apple) | Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine (in Danger)

Red lips are as classic as the Little Black Dress, but there's no better time to try out the bold lipstick if you've been nervous to before! 

Make sure your lips are smooth and silky before applying any color; reds tend to saturate the lips extremely well and can dry them out, so use a balm (like the Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment) before adding the color.

Next, pick if you want a matte or glossy color. Mattes are bold and make a huge statement, whereas glossier colors work as a more subdued, vampy look. Personally, I feel that orange-red hues look better as mattes, while darker reds with blue tints look great with a bit of iridescence to them. 

With such a bright color, precision application is key. Apply with a lip brush (like this one) for liner-like precision.  

Graphic eyeliner featured at Marc Jacobs and Missoni
Urban Decay Liner (in Electric) | Stila Liquid Liner (in Emerald) | Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen

Makeup artists at the Spring runway shows were thinking way outside the box with eyeliner. No longer just in the usual black or brown, eyeliners have gotten as colorful as a spring bouquet. Brands like Urban Decay and Stila have great colorful options, and Marc Jacob's Marc'er eyeliner pen is the graphic jet black liquid liner we have been waiting for.

Don't feel like spending thirty dollars on an electric blue eyeliner that you'll only use once or twice? Transform a colorful eyeshadow into a liner by wetting an eyeliner brush and dabbing some powered shadow on it. A quick, DIY version to the colored liner trend!

In addition to playing with the color of eyeliners, makeup artists mixed up the usual shapes. At Marc Jacobs, models rocked extended corners (both inner and outer) for an eye-widening, anime-inspired style. At Missoni, thick black lined the entire upper lash line but only the inner corners, creating a unique graphic look.

I will totally play with liner shape and color the next time I go out, and so should you!

Eyeshadow got technicolor-ful at Burberry, Armani, and Marc by Marc Jacobs
Urban Decay Primer | Diorshow Eyeshadow (in Fantasie) | NARS Duo Eyeshadow Palette (in Mad Mad World) | Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Brush

Colorful eyelids were all the rage this season, with every color of the rainbow making an appearance on the runways. A dusty pink is a perfect daytime punch of color, while a vibrant blue or green make for perfect going-out looks.steither make your bright shadow totally graphic, or tone it down a bit by blending the color with a flesh tone shadow.

Hat Trick

February 3, 2014

I've been wanting a super cool 70s style hat for a while now, and finally at Anthropologie this weekend I was able to find the perfect one - a burgundy felt topper by Genie by Eugenia Kim (the offshoot line of chic NYC milliner Eugenia Kim) - and the second I placed it on my head I felt ten times cooler than I did pre-hat.

Fedoras and wide-brim hats (but not of the cheesy straw variety) have made a major comeback recently.

Wear them while reading Hemingway and sipping a cappuccino in the corner of a small cafe, or whenever you want to have a Serena van der Woodsen moment (and if you're anything like me, you strive for those moments always). 

The right hat can make you feel like an out-and-about celebrity - I'm just doing my grocery shopping, trying to hide myself from the constant paparazzi with this chic hat - or a model out of a Free People catalogue. Take your pick.

A well-placed hat is an excellent solution for bad hair days or times when you don't have time to wash your hair in the morning. Use it to make a cool downtown-style outfit even cooler, or tone down a fancy frock with an askew hat. 

No matter how you style it, the wide brim hat is the perfect winter accessory!