Obsessed - Hair Chalk

April 19, 2013

Me, on my way to the WALK THE MOON concert with colored hair and war paint

For someone who vows to never dye her hair and thus change it from its natural blonde state, I sure do love colored hair. There are times when I wish I had been born with boring, mousey-hued hair; if only so I could wake up one day and decide to dye my hair pink if I so desired. Don't get me wrong, I love my gorgeous flaxen tresses (if I may toot my own horn) but sometimes I yearn for a little excitement.

When the whole dip-dye trend set in I was getting really antsy. Finally, something where I could dye part of my hair and then just cut it off when I was over it. But I was still scared to do that!

And finally, I found the solution: hair chalk. My friend had told me about the magical invention, a way to very temporarily (it washes out in the shower) color strands of hair. Perfect for going out and concerts (above, I added blue and red streaks for the WALK THE MOON concert on campus) hair chalk provided me the opportunity to color my hair without the risk of any permanent hair damage or loss of natural color!

Free People has great ombre hair chalk sets that give you well-blending colors.

At Urban Outfitters, a rainbow palette is available for those of you who love all the colors of the rainbow, or singular color that lasts longer. 

This video has some good tips on how to chalk your hair. She uses regular art store soft pastels (not oil) so if you already have those you don't even need to go to the store! 

Written in the Stars

April 18, 2013

Maybe you don't take it seriously, but you know you flip to the back of your favorite fashion magazine to see what the upcoming month has in store for you. Horoscopes and the pseudo science of astrology have been around since the ancient world, when people looked to the stars in order to explain natural phenomena and predict the future. And no matter how off those predictions may be (according to Elle's March horoscope, I was supposed to reconnect with someone I had been missing - and that certainly didn't happen - and make an important work decision -except I have no job!)  they are still fun to read through and wonder what if...

Guilty pleasure or not, it seems horoscopes and zodiac symbols are the new trend among designers, making it once again cool to let people know you are a Sagittarius. Lilly Pulitzer, Charlotte Olympia, and others have all debuted zodiac-themed pieces for 2013.


1. Estee Lauder "Sagittarius" Zodiac Powder Compact
2. Spring Street "Libra" Zodiac iPhone Case available at Nordstrom
3. Charlotte Olympia "Gemini" suede Slippers available at net-a-porter
4. Lilly Pulitzer "Taurus" Murfee scarf available online
5. Rebecca Minkoff "Cancer" Zodiac necklace available at piperlime
6. Charlotte Olympia "Virgo" Pandora perspex clutch available at net-a-porter

birthday dreams

April 16, 2013

Usually I'm really good about having plenty of birthday and Christmas present ideas (just ask my mother) but I've been so busy lately I've hardly had the time to think about my upcoming birthday on Sunday! However, there are a few objects of desire that have been on my mind lately...

Birthday Wishlist

1. Liberty for J. Crew Floral Scarf
2. Grace: a Memoir
3. Charlotte Olympia Taurus Slippers 
4. Ray-Ban Aviators
5. Daytrip Button-down from Anthropologie

Bold Steps

April 13, 2013

clunky, printed shoes

Spring is the time to be bold with style, to don bright colors and strange silhouettes and make style statements! Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Rochas have all debuted bold heels for the warmer months!

These printed shoes are easy statement pieces that go well with simple summer dresses - let the shoes do the talking by pairing them with solid colors.

denim x denim

April 4, 2013

There seems to be something so effortlessly stylish about a polished denim on denim ensemble. Chambray button-downs are the best of both worlds: professional and sleek while laid-back and comfortable. And of course, who doesn't love a good pair of jeans!

To avoid looking like you're donning a denim jumpsuit, try different shades of blue - a washed-out shirt and indigo jeans, perhaps - or go for printed pieces. And definitely play with proportions: if your shirt is oversized, make sure to polish it up with a straight leg and smart shoes.

Cara Delevingne for Free People
Photo by Garance Dore
Olivia Palermo tries out a denim skirt