Shorts You Can Wear To Work

July 15, 2019

It's hot out there. I get it. We all get it.

And some days, you just aren't feeling the fussiness of a dress or skirt.

But it's hot. So pants are pretty much out of the question. What ever is a girl to do!?

I've always been a bit hesitant of shorts; I love my denim cut-offs for off-duty days, but as a tall girl with long legs and an even longer torso, finding shorts that fit all of me and don't leave my butt half hanging out is next to impossible, especially these days where I feel like your only options are Daisy Dukes or Bermuda shorts. Hello? Where is the middle ground!?

But fear not, my friends, because it appears we have finally reached a happy medium between beach day booty shorts and knee length khaki shorts that make me look like a midwestern mom. Hooray!

I found these shorts on Sunday while quickly bopping into H&M. I was immediately drawn to the color, and after initially thinking the pair was actually a skirt, I decided to try them on anyway and see if I liked them. I wanted to hate them, but I just couldn't. Here are shorts that look like a fun skirt, cover all the parts they need to cover, and are comfortable too! It's nothing short of a shopping miracle.

The best part about these shorts is that I finally found a pair that I liked, that was flattering, and that I could still wear to work. Now, I do work in a decently laid-back office when it comes to dress code, so these may not pass the test at, say, a corporate law firm, but if you can get away with rocking shorts to the office every so often, I say go for it!

Here are a few styles that you should check out if you're looking for work-appropriate shorts:

Paper Bag Shorts

A high-waisted style is always chic, and the folded waistline lends itself to work-friendly shapes. 

Bermuda Shorts

Think of these as the anti-bike short. 

Wide-Leg Shorts

Wide-leg shorts, like the pair I found at H&M, allow you to rock slightly shorter styles, especially if they're flowy and lightweight!

Do you wear shorts to work? Tell me how you style them in the comments!