Lindsey Loves: Elbow Patches

January 2, 2013

Elbow patches -which used to be reserved for stern-looking collegiate professors prone to donning easy-fraying tweed jackets at lectures- have made a stylish resurgence as of late, and everyone is getting their hands (or should I say elbows) all over this trend. 

When donning revamped elbow patches, there appear to be two schools of style thought:

1. The Literal Bunch. This group is doing the full-on tweed jacket with suede patches, Ivy League Prepster look. There will be plaid, leather briefcases, and other smart-looking cliches.

Copenhagen Street Style
untitled by tweexcore on flickr

2. The Rethinkers. This group has taken the elbow patch out of its traditional school teacher blazer setting and placed it into a more modern environment. Think sweatshirts and knits with elbow patches, patches decorated with sequins or in crazy prints, a more urban edge.

Tommy Ton for GQ
Chinti & Parker Fall 2012 ad campain

Personally, I'm in love with both schools of style thought, so I'll take inspiration from everyone! In case you are still wary of being tempted to lean on your elbows too much or don't know how to quite pull this off, I've taken the liberty of creating two possible outfits for your new patched-up sweaters! 

The two outfits mix preppy poise with urban cool, so feel free to channel both Greenwich, Connecticut, and Greenwich Village when testing out your new elbow patches!


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