Best in Show: Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

February 24, 2014


At Marni the models were birds of a feather - or fur? Either way there were many references to the natural world and the coats of all sorts of creatures. Furs are standard fall collection fare, but Consuelo Castiglioni applied it in strange asymmetrical patches and in unnatural prints and colors. 

The color scheme was rather utilitarian, but it's not a Marni show without some unexpected pops of color strewn throughout. There would be a parade of army green outfits punctuated by a hot pink monochrome look just to make sure you are always on your toes. 

The final looks of the show were absolutely stunning in terms of innovation and construction. They appear to be natural and idyllic while at the same time futuristic and modern - the juxtaposition of the natural and the constructed world seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the collection.

Altogether this was one of the most inspiring and inventive Marni shows that I have seen. There is the usual attention to construction and shape combined with the offbeat quirkiness, but it is much more sophisticated and creative than ever before. 

I can't imagine celebrities having any luck on the red carpet with these funky outfits, but I don't think that's the point of Castiglioni's latest collection. These are beautiful and challenging clothes, and I love it. 


Another designer to use copious amounts of fur was Karl Lagerfeld for his latest collection for Fendi. Of course, Fendi was founded as a fur house, so this makes sense. Compared to the punchy primary colors of the spring collection, Fendi Fall 2014 may seem a bit drab. I'm not usually one for such earthy tones, but I really enjoy how Lagerfeld has utilized them here.

There's a kind of retro-futuristic vibe going on here, like how people from the 50s thought the future would look. In what seems to be one of fall's prevailing themes, I can almost imagine Princess Leia wearing one of these looks while touring the galaxy far far away. But then there are go go boots and ladylike dresses and the most amazing fur baseball jacket ever which are not so much Star Wars and really more of a cool, retro-modern look. 

In the end these clothes are sleek and lovely. Fashion editors are going to eat these looks up, and bloggers will not be able to get enough of that fur baseball jacket. Seriously, that is magical. 

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