Trending: The New Pinstripe

June 5, 2014

Light pinstripes are the new print you need to have.

Zara Striped Blazer With Belt ($99)
There is something so chic about a well-placed pinstripe. The style of pattern often reminds me of the 1920s and zoot suits, and also my mom's pantsuits. Pinstripes are fashionable but can easily come across as outdated or simply conservative. They can also be incredibly sexy. It's all about how you wear it.

For summer, I would highly recommend testing out a light white-and-blue pinstripe piece, like the Zara one above or any of my other picks below. The light colors make the pinstripe perfectly suitable for summer, and luckily pinstripes are featured on all sorts of clothing pieces, from office-appropriate blazers to weekend-worthy high-waisted shorts. 

No matter what your style or what occasion you are dressing for, light pinstripes are an excellent and classic choice that will make you the most sharply-dressed woman in any room.


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