How To Wear A Scarf This Fall

October 15, 2014

Olivia Palermo rocking a long, belted scarf

Olivia Palermo rarely makes a fashion faux pas. Her polished and poised personal style has a habit of turning whatever trend she wears into sartorial gold. When she was photographed with a long scarf slouched around the back of her neck, untied, but belted at the waist, I found myself eager to try wearing one of my scarves like that.

This way of scarf styling was also featured at the Burberry Prorsum fall 2014 runway show, which is probably where OP got the inspiration, and ever since the look has taken off.

The ideal scarf for draping is a long rectangular scarf that isn't too thick. Be warned: though fabulously stylish, wearing your scarf this way won't keep your neck very warm, so perhaps save this look for a more temperate day.

A dress will give you the best silhouette, and a belt at the waist will give definition and also help to keep your scarf in place.



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