Dare to Bare with Risqué Lace

March 4, 2015

Rodarte | Zimmermann | Marc Jacobs | Altuzarra | Rodarte
There was once a time when sweet white lace was reserved for a prim and proper sort of girl (or for wedding dresses). When I hear white lace I think of an afternoon tea with my grandmother or Queen Victoria. There is something incredibly Victoriana and rather old-fashioned about a fabric that resembles a doily...or so I thought. 

Then fashion week came around.

First it was Altuzarra, with several seventies-style lace blouses and dresses; sure, they were long-sleeved and high-necked, but there's no use in trying to be modest when one's top is as see-through as a newly polished window. Then Rodarte shocked and awed with white lace blouses and leggings that left little to the imagination. Doily-looking or not, there was no denying that Joseph Altuzarra, the Mulleavy sisters, and even Marc Jacobs were making the statement that white lace can be unabashedly sexy. 

Still, I don't know if I would walk around in such a top out in public, sans-bra or lining. On the other hand, it would be a great opportunity to show off a pretty bra. 

What say you? Will you be trying out sexy white lace, or should it be reserved for tea time?

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