10 Fashion Rules That Were Made to be Broken

September 9, 2015

On Monday, we celebrated the official end of summer and the beginning of pumpkin spice latte season. The day afterward, we returned to work or school, already dreaming of summer barbeques and rosé wines that are now just distant memories. Labor Day also serves as an important marker in the fashion world, for it is supposedly the last day of the year when it is acceptable to wear white.

Because I am a *natural rebel* (hint: I'm not) I wore a white skirt to class today. It was 95 degrees and is going to be sunny and hot at least until mid-October. At least in California, summer is far from over, and even when the temperature does start to drop (into, you know, the 60s) white is a chic color, and one should not be prevented from wearing it just because some stuffy society ladies decided back in the day that white after the first week of September was passé. Wear white whenever you want!

Seriously, there are some whacky fashion rules out there that just don't make sense. And, after all, rules were made to be broken, right? (Not really, I'm a rule follower through and through, but fashion risks won't harm anyone, I hope)

So here are some more fashion "rules" that I say are okay to break. Go ahead, be rebellious!

1. No White After Labor Day 

Colors shouldn't be restricted to certain parts of the year. Wear white whenever you want—a white winter coat is incredibly chic and so Olivia Pope.

2. Blue and Black Never Go Together

Yves Saint Laurent and countless other designers have made navy and black look amazing. Just make sure the blue is significantly different from the black (too dark of a navy and it will just look like you can't tell the difference between dark blue and black).

3. No Plunging Necklines AND High Hems—Pick One

If you've got it, flaunt it, and if you feel good wearing clothes that show off your rockin' bod, go for it.

4. Don’t Show Off Your Bra

It used to be a major faux pas to let anyone but your SO know you were wearing a gorgeous lace bra, but what's the point of spending money on La Perla if no one can see it? As long as you're not wearing a sheer top and pink bra underneath to your next office meeting, it's okay to show off your cute bras.

5. Only Invest in Classic Items

Personally, I like to invest in classic, versatile items that I can get a lot of wear out of, but if you feel like dropping a couple thousand on a uniquely-shaped Chanel minaudiere, be my guest! As long as you are spending responsibly and within your means, it doesn't matter if you buy a classic LBD or a trendy designer piece.

6. Less is More

Minimalism is cool, but don't feel like you have to stick to basics in order to be cool and fashionable. If you want to wear five necklaces atop a sequin mini dress, do it. Besides, maximalism is totally back, thanks to brands like Gucci and Lanvin.

7. Don’t Mix Prints

The key to mixing prints is mixing proportions—oversized polka dots with tiny flower print, thick horizontal stripes with thin vertical ones, etc. When done well, mixed prints can be such a good look.

8. Embellishments Are For Nighttime Only

A sequined dress is a great night out look, but don't be afraid to bring that look into the daytime. Just swap out your party heels for chic flats and daytime accessories, and you'll look absolutely dazzling.

9. Faux Fur and Leather Are Tacky

Even a few years back you could obviously tell the difference between real and fake leather or fur, but thankfully brands like Stella McCartney and Shrimps have made faux look fab. Not only are you a friend of the animal, but faux leather and fur products can be significantly cheaper than their real counterparts. Double win!

10. There Are Items That Don't Look Good on Certain Body Types

I absolutely hate when magazines tell girls what they can or cannot wear based on what fruit their body most closely resembles. Wear what you want to wear—as long as you feel good in it, that's all that matters! Petite girls can wear maxi dresses, curvy women can wear tight skirts, etc. You do you and ignore the haters.

What style rules do you think were made to be broken?

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