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November 16, 2015

J. Crew shirt and skirt
Rebecca Minkoff purse
C. Wonder boots (similar)
B.P. knit beret (similar)
A new Whole Foods just opened in downtown Los Angeles, so naturally my friend and I had to get all gussied up and buy some fancy wine and cheeses to celebrate. Seriously, could we get more LA bougie? But in all honesty, the DTLA Whole Foods is amazing, and if I had a kitchen I would gladly be spending all my money there (especially since Fresh & Easy is no longer, RIP).

For an evening of sophistication and culture (Whole Foods trip followed by watching a play followed by eating brie and sipping on wine out of red solo cups) I decided to wear my best Los Angeles preppy hipster in autumn uniform. A buttoned-to-the-top gingham shirt (the gingham shirt from J. Crew, to be precise), heeled ankle boots, and a chic chapeau are all essentials to this look. A crossbody bag is the ultimate utilitarian bag for any and all activities, and a bias faux-wrap brocade skirt adds just the right amount of pizazz to a *hip* look.

Do you guys get this dressed up to go grocery shopping? I'm always under the impression that I'm going to meet Andrew Garfield or like my future husband (or are they one in the same?) while running errands, especially if they're checking out the 350 different kinds of cheeses Whole Foods has to offer too. Like, talk about true love.

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What would your preppy hipster uniform be? Is preppy hipster an oxymoron? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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