Why I'm Already Loving Instagram Stories

August 12, 2016

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And You Should Love It, Too!

By now, you're no doubt aware of the new update from Instagram, Instagram Stories. If that sounds a little bit like Snapchat Stories to you, well, you're right. Instagram has created a very similar feature that allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Shady, maybe, but it's just another day in Silicon Valley, tbh.

No matter what side of the Snapchat vs. Instagram battle you take, it's clear to see that Instagram Stories is going to be a great tool for bloggers and influencers. I've already used it to show #ootds, annoying pictures of my dog, and videos on how I decorated my new agenda! (P.S. if you aren't following me on Instagram, you're missing out) So basically, I'm totally obsessed.

Here are five reasons why I'm already a fan of Instagram Stories:

1. Built-in Audience

Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad via Ambitieuse
If you're like me, Instagram has basically become a second blog. I love to share all the fun things I wear and eat (lol) with my followers, and even if I don't have time to do a whole outfit shoot, I can take a few snaps on my phone and share everyday looks on Insta. Because I put a lot of thought into my Instagram, I've built up a following and have worked hard to grow and maintain my audience.

A few months ago I considered sharing my Snapchat with my followers, but it would just be another platform to get followers on, and to be honest I wasn't feeling that. So now with Instagram Stories, I have my followers on Instagram already; I'm just sharing more content with them that's less polished than my photo posts, adding a new layer to how I interact with followers.

On the flip side, I already follow a ton of other bloggers on Instagram, and instead of searching them all down on Snapchat, I don't have to do anything else to watch their stories.

2. Less is More

Browsing Instagram, probably via Team Peter Stigter
I don't like clutter. Not in my space and certainly not on my phone. So for me, the fewer apps the better. With the introduction of Instagram Stories, I get to post my usual Instas along with fun videos and pics that may not be ~Insta Worthy~ all in one app! It's killing two birds with one stone, and though it may not seem like a big hassle to switch apps, I love having everything all in one (that's why I hated when Facebook decided to make Messenger a separate app, but that's another story).

3. User-Friendly

Checking out the latest Instagram Stories (see the whole outfit here)
One of my main issues with Snapchat is that it's not always the most intuitive of apps. You kind of have to play around with what symbols and icons mean, and they're constantly changing the layout and features. I still haven't totally figured out the sponsored stories!

When Instagram Stories rolled out, it was clear that the developers waited until they had a finished, sleek app that was easy to use. I also loved how informative the instructions were the first time I went to use the Story feature. Yes, Instagram Stories may be missing the cute selfie filters for now, but I'm a big fan of the design.

4. Suited for Editorial Content

Beatrice Gutu of The Fashion Cuisine
Until Snapchat added "memories" a few months ago, you were unable to upload pictures or videos saved on your camera roll. Instead, you had to record things on Snapchat's in-app camera, which was frustrating when I wanted to share cute pictures and videos I took on my normal camera. 

Instagram Stories, however, lets you upload stuff from your camera roll—even saved Snapchats!—which makes it so much easier for brands and bloggers to take time recording and editing videos and upload impressive content. True, Stories may be made for candids and less polished photos and videos, but this change is huge for brands. 

5. Brand Building

Selfie time!
As I said, I was considering making a Snapchat account for my blog, but now there isn't a need. I've established a very particular brand identity on @thefashionbarbieblog and can continue to share my unique style and voice on Stories.

I'll still use Snapchat, but I'll keep that for personal videos and pics that I just want to share with my close friends. Meanwhile, I'll tailor the content I share on my Instagram Story towards what my blog followers want to see.

What are your thoughts on Instagram Stories? How will you be using the new feature?


  1. I'm quite a fan of Snapchat but I'm slowly growing to adore Instagram stories. It's a pretty fun way to develop your brand with a strong audience already. Meanwhile, Snapchat is more personal and fun <3

    xx   BASH   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

    1. Totally agreed that there's a place for both apps to excel, Bash! Thanks for reading!


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