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September 14, 2016

Chiara Ferragni in a Miu Miu jacket via her instagram

Weave your way into this trend

During my LA trip this past weekend I spent a whole day shopping, and I couldn't help but notice an abundance of jacquards, brocades, and other tapestry-style fabrics. In a world of Gucci-inspired grandma chic, furniture fabrics were bound to make a comeback, but this is far from the style of the curtain-wearing Von Trapp children.

I noticed decorative fabrics mostly in shoes, and think a pair of brocade booties is a wonderful way to rock this trend without stepping into dowdy territory. If opting for a tapestry jacket or dress, be sure to balance it out with modern pieces, like a jacquard dress paired with a leather jacket, or brocade shorts with a minimal crop top.

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