The Best Pieces From Revolve Under $100

August 15, 2017

At my job, we spend a lot of time talking about influencer marketing, and boy, is Revolve killing the game. With their FOMO-inducing influencer events and effortlessly cool clothes, everyone wants to be the Revolve girl these days.

Call it one of the 7 Deadly Sins, but I am endlessly envious of the social media stars with their one million plus followers and their endless days of partying at Coachella and in the Hamptons and waking up to do sunrise yoga on the beach in the Bahamas, nary a hangover in sight, despite the fact that per their Instagram Story they spent the previous night partying to an intimate but raucous Migos set until 4 in the morning (or, okay, maybe they're just good at faking the no-hangover thing for their Insta). I want to be a Revolve girl! I'll admit it!

The first step to becoming a Revolve girl: dressing like one, of course! I find myself checking their new arrivals page almost every day; after all, it is updated daily, meaning every week hundreds of gorgeous new clothes flood the site, leaving me to curse the gods that I can't just buy everything on the site. Like the great philosopher Sharpay Evans once said, "I want it all."*

*By the way, this very mantra decorates the hallowed Revolve Social Club on Melrose. The ethos of Revolve is quite clear: make Lindsey (and everyone else) want everything we sell.

That being said, I am a Young Adult on a Budget, so while I may want to buy everything on Revolve's site, I cannot, so I try to limit myself to the many trendy—but less expensive—things on their site. With the exception of a recently purchased pair of boyfriend jeans, I try to keep my Revolve purchases under $100 apiece, and while it sounds tricky at first, I've rounded up just a few of the under $100 offerings to show you how many great pieces there are. 

Check out my picks and you too can start embracing the Revolve girl life!

What's your favorite thing at Revolve right now?

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