Beauty Essentials On The Slopes

February 21, 2019

I write this with a sniffly nose and sinus infection, but the cold is totally worth it, because I was able to spend Presidents' Day Weekend hitting the slopes in Mammoth.

My family tries to go skiing every year, as it is a favorite activity of ours, even though living in Southern California means we must trek to find snow-covered mountains (except for today, apparently; it snowed in LA today!). I have such a fun time skiing—and après-skiing, of course—but one thing I have learned is that my skin is not always a fan!

The combination of dry air and cold conditions really stresses my skin out, causing it to go into dryness overdrive, so I have found a few wintertime beauty essentials that keep my skin looking gorgeous even during harsh winter weather!

Even if you aren't making your way to the mountains this year, these products are really handy for anyone suffering dry skin in the winter:

SUPERGOOP GLOW STICK SUNSCREEN: first thing's first when skiing: sun protection! Yes, even when you are in the snow, the sun can be extremely harsh; in fact, the snow reflects the sun's rays and can be more intense than a tan on the beach! For athletic activities like skiing, I love using a sunscreen stick for easy on-the-go application. Besides, only your face will really be showing, so you don't need a lot of sunscreen; just enough to protect your face from sun damage!

L'OCCITANE HAND CREAM: my hands are always the first thing to dry out when I encounter harsh winter weather. I keep a small tube of L'Occitane hand cream in my purse whenever I travel so my hands stay soft.

GO-TO FACE HERO: I was skeptical of applying oils to my face for the longest time, but this lightweight oil from Australian brand Go-To is a miracle worker. It keeps my skin smooth and hydrated without overdoing it.

SHISEIDO MOISTURIZER: Moisturizer is a must, obviously! Shiseido's creamy formula is rich and luxurious, making it perfect for a winter skincare regimen.

OGEE SCULPTED LIP OIL: Truth be told, I carried 3 different lip balms this weekend. My lips get soooo chapped when I go skiing, so I kick it into overdrive when it comes to balms and chapsticks. This one is especially hydrating and refreshing, and unlike other lip balms I feel like it actually repairs my chapped lips as opposed to just masking it.

And those are my ski weekend beauty essentials! Do you have any products you turn to in winter? Let me know in the comments!

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