Coming Full Circle

April 29, 2019

When I was a little girl, my mom always dressed me in Laura Ashley dresses. I like to describe my pre-schooler style as akin to a Von Trapp child, with most of my outfits looking like they may or may not have been made out of upholstery fabric. In fact, I even had a dress that was made from the same fabric as my childhood duvet cover; the dress was made completely independently from the duvet, by the way, and my mom just happened to stumble upon it in a boutique.

My style has gone through many transformations since then, but it seems we have arrived back where we started, as I find myself in Laura Ashley prints yet again, now at the age of 25.

Of all retailers, Urban Outfitters joined forces with Laura Ashley for an exclusive capsule collection full of romantic floral print pieces, including a delightfully girly pink babydoll dress that caught my attention last month. With balloon sleeves, empire waist, and toile de jouy print, it had everything I was looking for in a garment.

Ultra-feminine pieces reminiscent of prairie dresses and the Victorian era are presently en vogue and I find myself embracing the unabashed sweetness of pastel colors, poofy dresses, and dainty prints. Taylor Swift is doing it—so why not everyone else, too?

It's funny to think that this dress in particular is so well suited to both 3-year-old and 25-year-old Lindsey alike, but maybe part of me always knew, even then, that this is who I was born to be: a bright spirit with a completely unironic love of all things fashion, no matter how ridiculous or feminine or frivolous.

I may experiment with hundreds more trends throughout my lifetime, but this is one I will always come back to, because it is so completely me. 

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