Tie Dye Looks If You Aren't The DIY Type

April 19, 2020

My exact tie dye sweatshirt is sold out, but I'm sharing some other options with you!

One month into quarantining and tie dye has emerged as the official uniform of the stylish social distancer. It makes perfect sense: tie dye was already having a moment before coronavirus, and now people are looking for ways to pass the time and create new things, so tie dye presents itself as a great DIY solution.

Dozens of tie dyeing videos on TikTok and Instagram have tempted me to try my hand at creating a psychedelic sweatsuit of my own, but the mundane logisitical issues (mainly, where does one acquire tie dye materials, and what if I mess up or don't like the end result?) have kept me from ordering supplies on Amazon. There is, alas, a simpler solution: buy an affordable and pre-dyed item on the internet!

Seriously, there is tie dye everywhere at the moment, and in a vast array of cute styles, colors, and designs to fit your fancy. All these pieces that I found are under $100 (and a lot are event under $50) so you can stock up on some cool home-friendly items that aren't too pricey.

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