Pants That Aren't Jeans: What A Concept!

January 17, 2021


Sometimes you walk into Target in hopes of finding Clorox Wipes and body wash and walk out with a cute new pair of pants!

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you: I am not a pants person. I feel most comfortable in a flowing midi dress and often feel like pants are fussy, ill-fitting, and unflattering (or at least, it's hard to find pants that flatter both my waist and my thighs). After almost 27 years of living in this world, I have found that of all the pant-like items in the world, jeans—and stretchy skinny jeans in particular—are the pant style that most suits my lifestyle and my body. I'm also fortunate enough to work in an office where the dress code is pretty casual, meaning I wear jeans all the time.

But my friend, I will admit that after ten months of that WFH lifestyle even a diehard denim advocate such as myself has been asking: is there anything more out there, pants-wise? Potentially a style that doesn't cut into my belly all day long as I sit at the desk in my room?

I've been searching the internet for such a pair of comfortable yet stylish pants, but pants are a tricky thing, size-wise. You must take into account the waist, the inseam, the length, and so many other factors that online size guides don't often detail, meaning I've had my fair share of failed pant fittings when ordering online. The knowledge that a pair of pants may not end up working out—and even worse, may appear unflattering, further deterring me from my mission—made me hesitant to ever hit the "checkout" button even when a pair caught my eye.

But last weekend I found a captivating pair at Target, of all places. There I was, running errands for body wash and other household items, and I found myself staring at a cute pair of plaid, high-waisted, wide leg pants. They were everything I was searching for, and at about $30, the price was right for experimentation. I threw them into my shopping cart and hoped for the best. Once I got home, I tried them on and sighed with relief when I realized that not only did they fit, but they were super cute! And after wearing this ensemble for a whole day of work-from-home business, I can confirm they are comfortable as well.

So there you go: the saga of my brand new pair of pants. Now that I know this style looks good (I've always been self-conscious about how a lot of pants frame my thighs) I think I might seek out a few more pairs like these. And in case you are interested in similar styles, I've rounded up those at the bottom of this post too!

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