I Think I'm A Skort Girl Now

April 18, 2022

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Back in the elementary school days, I was all about a good skort. They were ideal for dressing girly and cute while still being able to spontaneously do a cartwheel. I wore them on playdates. While playing sports. Swimsuit variations to the beach. Name an occasion and I had a skort to match.

Somewhere between fifth grade and now, I stopped wearing skorts (aside from the athletic variety for tennis and golf) and they went out of style anyway. For years, I had to pick a side of the shorts vs. skirt debate every day. It was devastating.

Over the past few months, I've noticed that the skort has had a major resurgence. It began in the athleisure space with inventions like the Exercise Dress (of which I own 2) and now has blossomed into a full-blown movement. It helps that the micro-mini skirt trend is a thing and that not all of us (namely, anyone with a butt) are comfortable rocking ultra-minis sans some sort of booty coverage. The skort has thus become the perfect workaround for girls who want to wear the trendy styles without flashing the entire world. 

So join me in embracing the skort once more. I've even rounded up some styles for you to shop and try the trend for yourself!

Athletic Skorts

Fashion Skorts

Early 2000s Skorts

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