Runway vs. Street Style: Tied Shirts

May 26, 2013

Remember back in the day when it was cold in the morning but progressively got hotter throughout the day and like, it was really annoying having to wear a sweatshirt and then taking it off and having to carry it around and it was sooo annoying until we had this great epiphany that we could just take our sweatshirts and tie them around our waists? And suddenly, life was so much easier. Until around the 8th grade when you realized the cool kids didn't tie their outer layers around their waists no more (because they had discovered the even more ingenious invention of the tote bag).

Well, the good days don't have to be entirely in the past, because starlets and street style stars have gone back to the 90s and have taken to tying shirts and jackets around their waists. Of course, nowadays the act of knotting a plaid flannel is more of a meticulously-thought-out fashion statement than an act of practical necessity.

The trick to pulling this look off: looking seemingly effortless while actually applying a tremendous amount of effort. I'm kidding, but only kind of. Skinny jeans, Converse, combat boots, tousled hair - all perfect compliments to a shirt tied at the waist.

Of course, if you are looking for a more one-and-done look, Celine has cooked up fabulous sweatshirt-like dresses with oversized ties. Whereas the street style stars are channelling Kurt Cobain, the Celine girls are going for an extremely-polished, minimalist look.

What look do you prefer?

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