Hooked on Versace - Fall 2013 Couture

July 9, 2013

Naomi Campbell and Versace go together like peanut butter and jelly, or a Little Black Dress and a red pout, to make a more fashionable analogy. Versace was made for Naomi, and Naomi was made to rock Versace. A match-made in fashion heaven.

So to have Naomi both open and close the Fall 2013 Atelier Versace show seemed perfectly natural. In fact, it made me wonder why Naomi doesn't open and close every Versace show. Regardless of your opinions about Naomi as a person (like every awesome supermodel, Naomi has had her fair share of scandal) you must admit that no one rocks Versace quite like her.

In precarious, painstakingly-detailed dresses - all half-undone from the hooks and eyes that so delicately held them together to reveal sultry lingerie - Naomi & Company strutted down the catwalk in true vampy fashion. It was only fitting, seeing as how Donatella was inspired by black and white photography of the 1930s.

As with most Versace collections, it was also about skin - how much to show, and how one's perception of an individual can totally change based on how done (or undone) her hook-and-eye-fastened dress becomes.

Think about it. Look 13 (above, at right) could either be fastened up to the shoulder to become a relatively tame (by Versace standards) mini dress, complete with long sleeves and turtle neck. Basically a nun. Or those hooks and eyes could unclasp and the wearer would be left there in nothing but fabulously provocative lace lingerie (and towering high heels, of course).

It could go either way.

On a more obvious level, the incredible detail of these dresses and undergarments absolutely exude what it means to create a couture collection. Donatella said it best herself, in reference to her 30s inspiration:

"It was a moment about precision, about perfection, and lots of work."

 Lots of hard work, indeed. But it looks like its paying off.

images from Style.com

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