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October 26, 2016

Gucci print wool-felt cape

Cloak yourself in style

There's just something about a cape that screams style, you know? Maybe it's the fact that they're less common than they used to be in the good ol' days (meaning the 1500s) and that they immediately bring to mind images of a brave heroine racing through the woods, trying to outrun a vicious wolf or dragon, but capes are cool. Sure, they don't allow for a full range of arm motion, but who cares when you're going for a capital L #Look?

Anyways, buy a cape, look cool, be cool. Got it?

Capes on the Fall 2016 Runways:

Temperley London | Saint Laurent | RED Valentino | Prada

Shop Chic Capes:

Would you wear a cape? How would you style it?


  1. Such a fun trend and I love your picks! You covered everything from classic to bold!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

    1. Isn't it so fun? Glad you liked my picks, Heidi!

  2. Oh my gosh - that first picture of the cape is INSANE!! I love capes too, and have so many in my closet already!


    1. I know! It's Gucci and it's such a ridiculous coat that I have to have it, haha! And jealous, I still need to add one to my collection!

  3. I love these capes!

  4. Love this trend I've been looking for the perfect cape for ages! I'm new to blogging, it'd mean a lot if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think! Much love Holly xo

  5. This trend is so cool, capes just make the perfect statement in a fall/winter look, I mean that cape from Gucci is just amazing! Great picks btw!
    I'm having a Giveaway on my blog, hope you enter it :)

  6. Lovin' the Gucci cape.

  7. I hadn't realized there were so many capes on the runway. Cool!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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