NYFW - part III

September 11, 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs has always been a line that is obsessed with youth culture - from fall's 70s fare to the grunge-y 90s. Spring 2014 seems to be about the eighties, in particular the high school fashions of the notoriously funky decade. The colorful athletic tracksuits done in luminous silks, the experimentations with menswear, the heightened reputation of the peppy cheerleader - the Marc by Marc girl this season is all about experimenting with her style while she tries to find where in the high school world of craziness she fits in. 

In all honesty Tory Burch's spring 2014 collection was nothing earth-shattering. The clothes were her typical brand of preppy infused with a world-traveler edge, this time in fitting garden greens and pristine whites. Mainly I just wanted to talk about the super awesome fancy fanny-pack-like purse belts. You may not know this, but sorority girls have an unhealthy obsession with the tacky tourist butt bags. All these Tory bags need are monogrammed Greek letters and sorority girls everywhere will be fainting with glee.

Lim explained that his collection was inspired by the earth. I don't exactly know how literally we are supposed to take that statement - on one hand, there are metallics and seismic prints that literally resemble the natural world; on the other hand, there is something so simply grounded about this collection that is really drawing me in. Lim is a master of wearability without predictability, meaning his looks are simultaneously comfortable and new and exciting, always slightly pushing the boundary but not busting down any walls. And to be honest I really do love that about his clothes. It's the kind of stuff that actually sells, and there is something to be said for an artist who knows how to make something that is both beautiful and commercial.

A fascination with swimwear and surfer style has remained constant throughout the past few seasons, with all sorts of garments being made of neoprene and other swim-like textiles. Tommy Hilfiger is the latest (but certainly not the last, I assume) to be inspired by those who live endless summers. There were the literal translations - fabulous neon one-pieces and pants slightly unzipped and folded over to mimic the surfer post-hitting-the-waves - as well as more subtle accents - neon neoprene stripes added to jeans and sweatshirts, rashguard-like tops turned into ultra-hip dresses. The overall effect was sporty and chic, sure to make a splash for surfers and land lovers alike.

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