How Early is Too Early?

November 4, 2013

Cute, Starbucks, but it was 90 degrees this weekend; no one wanted Peppermint (image source)

It is now November 4th. Four days after Halloween. There is pretty much all of November still ahead of us. And then December. We have only slightly less than two months to go until Christmas day. And those two months will flash by before our eyes, yes, but two months sure does seem like a lot of time.

And yet...Starbucks put their signature red holiday cups out while Trick-or-Treaters were still counting their candy loot. Stores have sent out their holiday catalogues. Online shopping websites and magazines alike have debuted their annual gift guides. What used to officially begin in the wake of Thanksgiving weekend has now blossomed at October's end.

So, is it too early for us to start thinking about the holidays? Are we giving in waayy too much to consumeristic behaviors with our overzealous love for all things red and green as soon as the temperature starts to drop? Or does it make sense? I'll admit that I've started a holiday Pinterest board, but only as a way to keep all my Christmas-themed DIY decorating and baking projects all in one place! Is it more acceptable if I include Thanksgiving tips too?

What do you guys think? When is it appropriate to start holiday preparations? And have you made a holiday-themed Pinterest board yet? if so you should totally send me a link to it so I can get even more ideas

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