Desert Style

April 21, 2014

All images from Elle and Harper's Bazaar online
After about the fiftieth festival style post featuring girls in crop tops and Native American feather headdresses, music festival outfits can become sort of redundant.

That is why I was absolutely delighted to see that not everyone succumbed to such overdone festival fashion cliches for the world-famous Coachella Music Festival.

Bikini tops are fine (it is 90+ degrees out there, after all) but they look way cuter with a ladylike midi skirt than with tired jagged-edge denim cutoffs. And a bohemian Valentino fringe suede coat is an amazing (and much less offensive) appropriation of "western" style.

Coachella has become a hub for the fashion crowd (my own offices were almost empty when I came in last friday, when the first weekend of the festival was already in full swing) and I love the inspiration they bring with their more original outfits. Because there is totally a way you can look chic and fashionable while still appropriately dressed for a festival in the desert (aka wearing practical clothing).

So thank you, Coachella fashionistas for continuing to transform festival style and giving me hope that not everyone attending is wearing fringe bikinis and and cutoffs.

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