To Cap it Off

April 16, 2014


Hats are still kind of new territory for me. I've only just started to experiment with them this year, and I still can be wary around them. Until quite recently I've always found hats to be rather unflattering atop my head, and they would always give me unfortunate indents on my hair. My stick-straight hair would look limp and dull under a headpiece, so I never gave much thought to wearing baseball caps. It's not like I was sporty, and if I needed protection from the sun, I had a fabulous floppy straw hat to do the trick.

But baseball caps have had something of a revival in recent months, and they aren't just ones that pledge loyalty to your hometown team. No, these cool caps are printed with flowers and leopard, or stitched up in denim or eyelet. They can dress down a nice dress or give some edge to an otherwise simple outfit.

Personally I think baseball caps look best with hair that has a bit of volume to it. I curl my hair and tease it to give it extra lift before placing a cap on my head.

How do you feel about the baseball cap trend? How do you style it?


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