A Spring Trend to Try Now

October 5, 2015

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There is a frustrating disconnect between when a collection first debuts and when the collection actually arrives in stores. Sure, websites like Moda Operandi allow us to pre-order, and Moschino and some other brands make their collections immediately available for sale the second after the runway show, but for the most part we must wait until springtime for the clothes we are seeing on the runways right now.

So while we can't start wearing the newly-debuted clothes right away (unless you are tight with the designer, in which case, can I have your life) we can start adopting the trends of the runway. And one of the biggest trends this season is too-long sleeves. 

Yes! For fall, you can feel like a kid in your mom's too-big clothes again, or like an angsty teen going through a grunge phase. It's a simple look to pull off; just find a sweater or top with sleeves that are too long for you—sleeves that would normally deter you from purchasing said sweater or top—and style any way you like! Or, if you want a more fitted knit top, just stretch out the sleeves by having a friend pull on the sleeves while you hold the sweater. It could be a great bonding opportunity.

And this look is perfect for fall. Why buy gloves when you can just keep your hands warm with your sleeves. See, cost-effective and you'll still be able to swipe Tinder profiles while walking around outdoors. And of course everyone will be so impressed with your trendiness. A spring trend worn in fall? So avant-garde.

So what are you waiting for? Stretch out those sleeves and give this look a try! 

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