What to Wear to Graduation

April 4, 2016

The ultimate in #GraduationGoals, Elle Wood from Legally Blonde
There are a few days in a girl's life that are truly worthy of grand celebration, and graduating from college is one of those days! Although it's hard for me to believe, I will be graduating from the University of Southern California this May. College has flown by so quickly!! BUT I'm excited (and nervous) for the next phase in my life where I begin my takeover of the fashion world (hire me, please!) and start becoming a real adult!

For such an exciting event, one obviously has to look one's best. Here at USC the unofficial tradition is to wear a white dress under the graduation robes—nothing says summer like a Little White Dress—and I found a gorgeous one from Free People recently!

If you're like me and also graduating from college (or any level of school, really) first off, congratulations! You did it! Second, I've picked out plenty of cute dresses, both white and colorful, to wear on the big day. Because yes, while it's true that you wear a large, shapeless robe for most of the ceremony, you're going to want a fun frock underneath for pictures afterwards!

Shop Graduation Dresses:

Which dress would you wear to graduation?


  1. Very very cute looks for graduation. :)

    Meghan | www.beyondbasicblog.com

  2. Congrats :D
    These dresses are all so pretty! Im loving the white dress tradition!



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