What I Wore | Job Interview

May 17, 2016

Wearing L'Academie shirt, Madewell skirt and sunglasses, Sam Edelman shoes, and Kelsi Dagger bag
That's right, your girl Lindsey graduated on Friday and had a job interview on Monday!

It's been a busy week of driving back home to San Diego, then to LA and back home again on Monday, and also, you know, celebrating the end of my school years and stressing out about the fact that I have to change my LinkedIn status from "student" to "unemployed". Yikes. Also, help, I cannot stop saying "yikes" and I fear I have ceased using it in an ironic fashion.

Anyways, I had a job interview yesterday in Los Angeles for a super cool fashion company, you've definitely heard of it but I don't want to say too much in case i jinx it. But I think it went well! Ahhh, post-grad life is very scary.

Because this is a fashion company we're talking about, and I'm the Fashion Barbie and even if I weren't interviewing for a fashion company I would have dressed like this, I assembled a killer outfit that is equal parts trendy and classic. Lace-up blouses and midi skirts are awesome trends of the moment, but the colors scream timeless. Add one pair of sassy leopard print pumps for a pop of fun, throw your resumé into a simple black tote, and you've got yourself a perfect interview outfit.

Also, pro tip, I realized this morning that I don't own a steamer so I hung my clothes in the bathroom while I took a shower and the steam from the shower totally took all the wrinkles out of my skirt and top! And even after 5+ hours of sitting in my car, the wrinkles weren't too bad, thank god.

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What's your go-to interview outfit?


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