Miracles Exist AKA There Are Under-$100 Items at Reformation

July 6, 2018

Over the past year or two, I have fallen deeply in love with Reformation. They're ultra-chic, slightly-retro dresses are flirty and feminine, and I have found so many simple and gorgeous dresses from Ref that it has become one of my favorite stores.

Of course, the gorgeous, environmentally-conscious brand can get a little pricey, with most dresses going for around $200. And while I do like to splurge on a cute dress every once in a while, I'm not that big of a baller (yet). So I have (for the most part) exercised restraint when shopping there, only buying 1 or 2 dresses a year.

But last week I entered the high-tech Melrose location (if you haven't gone to their boutique and tried out the touch screens, you're missing out) and came across a unicorn of sorts: a gorgeous Reformation dress for under $100! What??? Was it real? Did they forget the 1 in front of the 98? Was it a typo? Was I blind?

Apparently, under-$100 items—and not just tops, but dresses too!—exist at Reformation! Miracles truly do exist. I wore this dress the next day to brunch in Manhattan Beach, and I plan on wearing it many more times this summer.

In celebration, I've rounded up a few of my other favorite under-$100 items currently on sale at Reformation. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Shop Under-$100 Reformation:

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