Shiv Roy Is The Fall Style Mood

September 28, 2019


Your fall style icon is here.

If you are a fan of good television, you're probably watching Succession. If you aren't, well, log into your friend's HBO GO and correct that oversight, girl! I'm not alone in saying that Succession is one of the best things on television right now. It may market itself as a Shakespearian tragedy about a family-run media empire—and at times, it is gut-wrenchingly devastating—but it's also a dark comedy about a bunch of ill equipped, out-of-touch rich kids stepping all over one another to win the unattainable affection of their father. 

The characters may be total monsters (if you're caught up, just the mere mention of "Boar on the Floor" will make you shudder) and even the (more) sympathetic characters like Shiv and Greg have the capacity for sinister behavior, but it's fun to laugh at their incompetence. 

But even if you haven't caught up on the HBO show yet, we can all appreciate the style icon that is Siobhan Roy. The only daughter of Murdoch-esque media mogul Logan Roy, Shiv is fierce and independent. She's got a clear opinion on the world and a distinct point of view that sets her apart from her brothers, and she means business. 

Even though the Roy Media Empire is relatively "new money" in the grand scheme of things, Shiv carries herself with the unassuming chicness of a well-pedigreed woman. Her color palette is neutral and muted, with the occasional jewel tone slipping through, focusing instead on luxurious materials like cashmere and silk.

Since the second season of Succession started airing a month or two ago, I've found myself admiring Shiv's style each week. With her penchant for plaid wide leg pants, fitted turtlenecks, and cozy fair isle knits, Shiv is essentially a walking Pinterest board for autumnal style. So today, I'm breaking down the MVPs of Siobhan's wardrobe so you can get her look this season!

Turtlenecks For Days

Wide Leg Pants

Silk Blouses

Elegant Dresses

Fair Isle Knits

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