Technicolor Fantasy

September 12, 2012

Oscar de la Renta is for the bold, elegant woman who isn't afraid to be seen.

There's something very universal about Oscar de la Renta. Which is a strange concept, because in actuality, there's a wide scope of women who wouldn't be caught dead in a de la Renta dress. But for the woman who is on the verge, who might say 'Oscar de la Renta is too mature or too conservative or too girlie for me' well, this is the collection that might change it all.

It wasn't hard to convince me, of course, because it is quite evident that I am a die-hard de la Renta fan. I would do almost anything to get my hands on Fall's baby blue ballerina party dress (it's featured in my banner, after all!) I can see so many celebrities wearing this collection that I feel it will get dizzying, seeing so many starlets in Oscar de la Renta.

First there is the traditional Oscar de la Renta woman. The Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf or Lily van der Woodsen type who shops at Bergdorfs and drinks tea at the Plaza and plans benefit galas in the wintertime. But there's something youthful about these Ladies Who Lunch outfits. If the right girl gets her hand on the ice blue ruffled tweed dress, for example, it would loose some of its icy demeanor and become this absolutely cute frock. The yellow three-piece skirt suit on the left is rather Luella Bartley-esque (God I miss that woman's runway shows); all you need are some ironic hipster sunglasses and you take this skirt suit from Fifth Avenue to Bleecker Street. 

Then there are the obligatory tea-length dresses. Oh, how I wish I had a fairy-princess themed party to go to -that's how I feel after looking at some of these dresses. These dresses are couture candy, I'm telling you. Tea-length dresses are tricky and decidedly old-fashioned, but they are certainly making a comeback. Someone has already assigned Sarah Jessica Parker to the pink and black-embroidered dress, and I am begging the Gods to let Elle Fanning wear either blue dresses featured above. 

And then there are these beauties. These outfits are NOT for Ladies Who Lunch or any faint-of-heart woman. Probably not for people who are over the age of 25 (Unless you are Anna Dello Russo, who will probably don the hot pink feathery dress (romper? I don't know?) thing by the end of fashion month) I want Selena Gomez to wear the light pink peplum romper on the left, for example. I feel like she's a romper kind of girl and that would be cute and young but also really fancy-pants on her. And Lea Michelle can wear one of these since she loves Oscar de la Renta but always wears dresses that are a little too much for her. These rompers, on the other hand, would look fabulous!

And then there are the show-stopping gowns. What I would give to spend a day in that aqua blue feather ballgown. Or any of these dresses, for that matter. I just love Oscar. Don't you? 

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