Lindsey Loves: Adorable Dress Edition!

February 10, 2013

So while patrolling modcloth I came across a most beautiful dress that I could not resist writing about. As someone who is constantly looking for new dresses (alright, let's face it, I'm always looking for new everything) I just about swooned when I saw this beauty.

Not only is it a flattering style that could be worn in a number of occasions, but this dress gets bonus points for being school spirited! The cardinal-and-gold color combination is hard to find outside of Harry Potter costumes -hence the reason I have my own Gryfindor scarf for football games- or the USC bookstore, and the outfits are usually limited to T-shirts and sweatshirts. I love that this dress is a fashionable way to show off my collegiate colors!

For the sake of school spirit, I might have to ship this baby to the dorm. :)

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