Staying Grounded

February 19, 2013

Three years after foot surgery and I still can't force my feet into the beautiful Prada 5" heels that patiently wait in their shoebox. High heels were my nemesis pre-surgery, but now they are even more disastrous. And to be honest, at 5'8" I don't really need the extra height.

Still, I do feel somewhat left out when shoe designers everywhere are obsessing over fun stilettos and heels that I cannot possibly wear.

So imagine my delight when discovering that fashion designers were taking a new-found interest in flats and smaller heels- shoes that may be, dare I say, both practical AND stylish.

Everyone from Marc Jacobs to Miuccia Prada was dishing up high-impact shoes without the teetering high heels of seasons past. And lucky for you and me, designers of all price points are offering up low heels for spring. Take your pick!

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