Lindsey Loves: Infinity Scarves

February 5, 2013

from top, clockwise: modcloth; River Island; American Apparel;  

I think the infinity scarf has been gaining momentum for a while, but over winter break and just tonight while browsing the new arrivals on Anthropologie's website I noticed an abundance of amazing scarves. They come in a variety of textures and colors/prints, so there is a loop for literally everyone out there. 

And they are so cool! No more must we spend countless hours -okay, maybe only minutes, or seconds, but they add up!- readjusting and redoing our boring linear scarves. Just pop one of these babies over head and around your neck and you have a perfectly-bulky (but not too bulky) accessory! I highly recommend an infinity scarf to anyone who has ever been flustered by the constant undoing of a regular scarf. Knit ones work well for the cold, and linen scarves are perfect for spring and summer ensembles!

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