The Empire Strikes Back

March 20, 2014

As I've previously commented upon, the Mulleavy sisters (the designing duo behind Rodarte) have always been inspired by film, and this season it seems that the force was totally with them. They had dresses emblazoned with the Death Star, alien planets from a galaxy far far away, and some of the original trilogy's main characters. I'm pretty sure I said something along the lines of "These are the best outfits to wear to ComicCon if you are a nerd but also quite fashionable and not into cosplaying" ... or something like that. 

Rodarte, however, rarely establishes a trend. The brand often feels like a fairytale, existing in its own world and influencing itself but not really other fashion houses. I loved the influence of Star Wars but I didn't feel like it would be an inspiration anywhere else.

And yet the Rodarte show stuck with me. I kept spying Star Wars influences everywhere I went. Dark starry prints on a dress at Fendi. Futuristic utilitarian suits at Andrew Gn and Maxime Simoens conjured up images of more fashionable storm troopers. Reed Krakoff had one look that perfectly resembled a genderbent version of Han Solo.

When Preen featured not one but two looks with Darth Vader's iconic helmet screened onto the fabric, I knew this wasn't a coincidence. It seemed Rodarte was indeed on to something when they dedicated their fall presentation to Luke Skywalker & Co. 

Maybe the fashion world is just as excited as the rest of us are for the new era of Star Wars movies that is coming to us soon, thanks to Disney and J.J. Abrams. Maybe fashion designers are more nerdy than their cool all-black ensembles make them out to be. 

Whatever the case may be, I am totally digging the Star Wars influence of the fall 2014 runways. Are you?

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