What to Wear When You're Shopping

March 19, 2014

As a frequenter of clothing retail establishments, I like to consider myself somewhat of a shopping expert (I know, my mom will be so proud). And one thing I've noticed in my many outings is that most people get so wrapped up in the thought of purchasing fabulous new clothes that they neglect the ones they are already wearing. 

Seriously, the amount of people I see in sweatpants while shopping is quite disconcerting - and they're not the cool Rag & Bone cashmere sweatpants either, they're just...sad.

When you know you'll be trying on a lot of new clothes, of course you want to be comfortable, but never forgo stylishness in the pursuit of comfort! The two are not mutually exclusive. Besides, salespeople treat you so much better when you are well-dressed (it's totally a fact) and why not show off your serious fashion game when trying to expand your closet?

Here are some of my tips to dressing when going on a shopping excursion:

Splendid Dress | Acne Boots | Elizabeth & James Crossbody Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace

WHY IT WORKS: When you're on a big shopping trip, you want to wear things that are easy, effortless, and not a hassle to take on and off when trying clothes on in the dressing room. A jersey dress with a simple zip (or no zipper at all) is perfect for the job. You look chic and fashionable with all the comfort of the pair of sweatpants (but way cuter, let's be honest).

A crossbody bag is all you need to carry your essentials, and you don't want to feel weighed down with a heavy tote - along with your shopping bags, of course!

If I'm planning on trying on shoes, I always wear boots with socks just in case I find myself trying a new pair on. Personally I hate those disposable socks and like trying on new shoes with thicker socks that I will actually be wearing with them. If you're skipping the shoe department, a pair of slip-on ballet flats or zip-up gladiator sandals are perfect shoe options. Just don't wear anything with lots of ties or buckles, because that will become a hassle really quickly.

If dresses really aren't your style (or if its a little too cold for one) here's an alternative outfit:

R13 Leather Jacket | Frame Denim Jeans | J. Crew T-shirt | Chloe Ballet Flats

WHY IT WORKS: Nothing is easier or more classic than jeans and a T-shirt. Keep the look polished with a graphic print on the shirt and a straight leg. Leather ballet flats are perfect for walking down the boulevard and easy to slip on and off. A matching black leather jacket gives you that perfect edge and ties in wonderfully with the shoes!

What to definitely leave behind? Fussy accessories, excessive buttons and clasps, and layered outfits are best left at home when going on a shopping spree. Keep your look simple but streamlined - you'll look great, feel great, and be treated like the style maven that you totally are!


  1. Whether I wear a dress or a two-piece outfit (pants + shirt) depends a lot on what I'm shopping for. If I know I'm looking for jeans, I like wearing a cute shirt so I can see how it will work with the jeans. Likewise, if I'm shirt shopping, I want to wear pants/jeans so I can see how it falls over the top. Otherwise, I find it hard to tell whether I like pants when I'm shirtless or vice versa :)

    1. I totally do that too, Laura! If I end up seeing a pair of jeans but I'm wearing a dress, I'll take a top to try on too. You need to know what the outfit is going to look like!

      Thanks for reading!


  2. I love this post! I always try to "dress up" whenever I go hopping because it makes the experience 10x better. These outfits are perfect for shopping in.


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