How Do You Tie Your Sweater?

January 5, 2015

Missoni | Thankoon Pre-Fall 2015 | Sportmax | Opening Ceremony | Trussardi 1911
Way back in the first grade, tying a sweater around my waist was my go-to styling trick. How else would you deal with weather that fluctuated between cold in the morning and warm and sunny in the afternoon while still maintaining optimum mobility (the better to run around)? There was a long while when I had outgrown my childish fashions and decided that tying a sweater was soo immature, but now I'm in college and back to tying sweaters around my waist or over my shoulders. Seriously, middle school me was very wrong about many things when it came to style.

Tying a sweater around yourself is the best. Because, seriously, who wants to tote a sweater around once it warms up when you can integrate it into your outfit?

In the world of high fashion it seems that tying a sweater around your waist (or elsewhere) is totally en vogue again, as collections like Missoni and Thankoon are taking to the styling trick in new and inventive ways.

If tying around the waist is too pedestrian, you can do an asymmetrical shoulder tie à la Missoni or Trussardi. Opening Ceremony has an off-the-shoulder take if you want to show off your shoulder bones. Or, if you have a pullover, you can just stick your head through the top and leave the rest of the sweater as a makeshift scarf, like Thankoon does it.

No matter how you tie a sweater, it adds a certain cool factor that will make everyone envious of your look!

Look De Pernille | Style Du Monde | Pop Sugar | WhoWhatWear | Diego Zuko via Harper's Bazaar | We Wore What

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