How to Wear Your Earrings Now

February 16, 2015

Adam Lippes Fall 2015
Last fall it was all about the single earring à la Céline or Louis Vuitton. That was cool, but maybe a bit lopsided. Somewhere, a chic Charlotte Gainsbourg-type fashionista is walking around Paris with a totally off center of gravity thanks to her dedication to the Church of Phoebe Philo. The single earring trend was fun while it lasted, but one ear is always feeling left out. It's time to bring the earring pair back.

But if two of a kind is too pedestrian for you next-level ladies, consider mixing and matching different earrings for an original, totally unique look that doesn't make you tilt your head. Mix metals like the models of the Adam Lippes fall 2015 presentation, or combine a baroque teardrop with a modern sculptural design. Just because you're wearing two earrings doesn't mean you have to be totally balanced, so why not mix and match? It will save you the Sophie's Choice of deciding between your two favorite pairs—just wear one of each!

What do you think about mixing and matching earrings? Is it a fashion do or a total don't?

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