Fringe, the Non-Western Way

February 6, 2015

image via collage vintage

It seems that the fashion Powers that Be are really into destroying their clothes. Distressed jeans, patchwork details, paint splatters, you name it. Frayed edges are just the latest in a long list of distressed trends, but know that there is an art to this look. One cannot simply throw on a western-style fringe jacket and call it a day. No, this season's fringe is more of an artful undoing than flapper girl. Undone edges, I'd call it.

Like this Proenza Schouler dress below, where it looks like the dress is simply unravelling into perfect fringes as if it were taken off the loom midway through. Or the tweed looks at Chanel Haute Couture, where what would once be your grandmother's tweed jackets dissolved into 90s-style crop tops (Grams definitely would not approve, but it does look pretty cool).

Celine | Tory Burch | Proenza Schouler | Salvatore Ferragamo | Isabel Marant
If undone edges aren't your thing, just add a bit of fringe here and there for the Spring 2015 take on the texture. Like the neckline of your dress or the hem of your tissue skirt, like Sportmax and Valentino have opted to do. 

No matter how you fringe it, there's more to life on the fringe than suede and flapper dresses. Go for a modern, urban twist on the style and you will look 100% certified fresh.
Chanel | Sportmax | Thakoon | Valentino | Osman
What do you think of the new take on fringe?

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